The Essentials Every University Student Needs

With interviews, presentations, and more occasions suddenly coming up where business attire is a must, most students are starting to realize that their wardrobe needs an update. It’s time to start buying more than just sweatpants! Here are some tips on what you should start investing in while in your twenties to spark up your closet.  

Sure, most of us girls love our platform high heels in all kinds of colours, but settling for a classic, black pair (that aren’t too high) is very important. Black heels will work with almost any outfit, and are extremely versatile, whether you are going to an interview, presenting to your professors, or even going out on a date. It’s the worth the money to splurge on a pair of black heels that you can wear everywhere. 

Men, the same goes for you! Buy a classic pair of black shoes that will match any outfit and that can be worn on any occasion. You never have to worry about finding the right shoes when you have a pair sitting in your closet for all occasions. 

Another item every girl needs in her closet is a plain black dress, skirt, or dress pants. Find something that looks sleek and fits well. When you’re rushing to get dressed and need to look professional, you’ll always have something that’s easy to put on and mix and match with other pieces. 

You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but a blazer is a must! As long as you are happy with the fit and the colour, you can match it with jeans for a business-casual look, or with dress pants for a more professional look. Reasonably priced blazers can be found at many stores, such as H&M and Old Navy. It doesn’t always have to be expensive to look classy.

Everyone needs the basic white tee in their closet. Whether you choose a V-neck or crew neck, you can be sure to match this shirt with anything you own. Paired with a sleek blazer or heels, this can make a white t-shirt look fantastic.



Again, every man and woman needs a plain button up to match with a pair of dress pants, a skirt, or a blazer. Button-ups will make you look put together... as long as they aren’t wrinkled!

Somehow, a cardigan has always remained in style. Make sure you have at least one of these in your closet in a neutral colour (white, black or grey). A cardigan is a great thing to have on hand when you’re heading out and need to look professional. They’re easy to throw on whenever the occasion arises.


Make sure to start investing in all of these must-have basics so that you are always prepared for any occasion that is thrown at you in your spontaneous and busy twenties!