DIY Make-Up Organization

As of January 1st, millions of New Year’s resolutions have been made. A popular resolution among people is trying to get more organized. We have found that makeup organization is among the more difficult of things to organize. Makeup comes in all sorts of different sizes, packaging, and shapes, which sometimes makes it hard to store. Check out some of these cute and practical DIY makeup organization tips below!

Reuse old candle jars

What a great way to reuse all those candle jars you have laying around with an inch of useless wax left in them. To remove any remaining wax, boil some water and let the bottoms of the jar sit in the water. The wax inside should heat up and make it possible for you to pull out the wick and pour out the leftover wax. You then wipe the container dry with a paper towel, and move onto the next jar. When you have all the jars, wash them in warm soapy water. If you are having trouble removing the label off the side, or bottom of the jar, hold the candle in some steam and scrape it off with something hard and sturdy. Last but not least, when the candle jars are clean, attach them in any formation you would like. Using some hot glue, you can create an awesome makeup organizer that you can also put on display because it looks so pretty!

Magnetic makeup board 

We absolutely LOVE this idea of a magnetic makeup board. It is a great display item, as well as super handy. This is really easy to make. You just need a piece of sheet metal from a local hardware store, a picture frame, and some paper of any color/design. Hot glue the paper onto the sheet metal, fit the metal into the empty picture frame, and glue in place. Next, take some of your favorite makeup items and glue little magnets on the back of the packaging. Then just simply stick them onto your magnetic board! Last step is propping the board up against a wall at your makeup vanity, or putting it up on the wall. Either way, this is a totally genius way to display and store your makeup. 

Makeup palette holder

Trying to find a place for makeup palettes is arguably difficult. Most of the time when you try to stand them up, they of course fall down. This leads to them getting tossed in a drawer where they are then often forgot about, and their pretty packaging is hid away from the world. This super easy DIY makes it possible to both hold your palettes in an orderly fashion as well as put them on display.  You can either find a napkin holder, lid rack, or file folder organizer to display your palettes. It all depends on what you like the look of best, and what works for the size of your palettes! 

Makeup brush holders

Last but not least, a simple jar decorated however you like is a great way to hold up your brushes (or any other tall makeup item). You can decorate mason jars, candle jars, whatever jars you like - however you want! You can paint the jars, dip them in glitter, glue patterned paper on them, put jewels on them, etc. Add some vase beads from the dollar store and you’re all set. It’s a great way to make things easily accessible and flattering sitting out on a vanity, or desk.

We hope you enjoyed these practical DIY makeup storage tips that also look great as display items! If you try out any of these DIYs, be sure to tweet us a picture. We’d love to see!