DIY Halloween Inspired Snacks

Halloween is by far the best time to try out some super festive snacks and impress everyone during this spooky season!  These DIY Halloween inspired snacks are the perfect addition to any Halloween party or chill night at home with your friends and fam!  The recipes listed down below are super simple and easy to whip up, so don’t worry, there’s no tricks to these treats!  

Ghoulish Berries

Starting things off simple, these strawberry ghosts are the sweetest snacks to kick off the Halloween season!  All you have to do is melt some white chocolate in the microwave (10-second intervals are recommended to get a perfect consistency) and dip your strawberries into the melted chocolate.  Lay the chocolate covered strawberries down on a wax paper lined tray and add dark chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  See, super quick and easy!  I made these one year and they were a total hit, so make sure to give them a try!

Mummy Hotdogs

These mummy hotdogs are such a fun take on traditional pigs in a blanket.  All you have to do is wrap a hot dog in breadstick dough (Pillsbury Crescent roll dough works best!), wrapping the dough around the hotdog to look like “bandages.” Then cook your wrapped hotdogs for 16-17 mins or until the dough is light brown.  Top off your mummies with two eyes in ketchup or mustard (your condiment of choice, of course) and you’re done!  Spooky yet savoury!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

These decadent pumpkin treats are sure to be a hit with everyone!  Just follow the general Rice Krispie recipe (usually found on the outside of a box of the Rice Krispie cereal) to make the base of your treat.  This is when you add some orange food colouring to the mix to make sure you get that perfect pumpkin colour for the final product.  Once the Rice Krispie creation has cooled, grab a handful and start moulding the Rice Krispies into small balls.  Once you have your balls, use black icing to pipe eyes and a mouth onto your mini jack-o-lantern.  Use some chocolate as the stem and small green candy for some leaves, and your pumpkins are party-ready!    

Graveyard Goodies

This snack is bound to be the star of your show!  Follow the instructions for a traditional chocolate cake and then let the cake cool in a large pan.  Once your cake has cooled, cover it in a layer of chocolate icing, followed by a layer of crushed Oreo cookies (make sure to take out the icing from the Oreos beforehand!)  To top off your graveyard, scatter some gummy worms and insert some cookies with the letters RIP piped into them to really amplify your spooky creation.  Bone Appetit!   

Candy Corn Pops

‘Tis the Halloween season with these candy corn looking pudding pops!  If you are pro candy corn, you’re going to die for (not literally obvs) these yummy snacks!  Here’s how to make them: Mix white chocolate Jell-O with cold milk and a teaspoon of honey and place it in a large plastic bag.  Prepare vanilla pudding with more cold milk and add two teaspoons of honey, dividing the mixture into two bowls.  Colour one bowl with yellow food colouring, then the other with orange.  Place the two mixtures into baggies as well.  Use popsicle moulds as your base and squeeze your baggies into the moulds.  White first, then orange, finishing with yellow.  Add popsicle sticks into the covered moulds and set them in the freezer overnight.  Voila, time to enjoy your candy corn inspired goodies!     

Hope your mouth hasn’t watered too much reading through these Halloween snacks… oh well.  That just means it’s time to get started on some BOO-tiful Halloween inspired goodies!