Discovering Autumn at Your Home Away From Home

October is a month of mixed feelings; we want to drink our pumpkin spiced lattes and sit in the park with the colourful changing leaves, but then midterms sneak up on us and we are no longer free to do as we please and are confined to the library in our sweats instead of our autumn best. I don’t know about you, but I have my favourite places and activities to go to back home in the name of fall fun. But what about branching out and discovering what’s around you?

Although you may be studying, there are still some events you can attend this month that won’t take up all your time. They work as a fantastic study break or even an end of midterm celebration. Here is a list of places you can go in the Kitchener-Waterloo region for the latter half of October. This list includes both fall festivities as well as events to get you into the Halloween spirit!

1) Kitchener Farmers’ Market

Before it gets too cold, be sure to hit the market. Who doesn’t love affordable fresh produce? The Kitchener Farmers’ Market operates on Saturdays from 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM. This is a great place to get your weekly produce, meats, and dairy, all fresh. Not only do they have a market, but they are also hosting a Pumpkin Fest on October 4th, a great place to bring your friends for some arts and crafts.

2) St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

Another incredible market is the St. Jacobs Market, featured on the Food Network’s “Great Canadian Cookbook”. It is open Thursday and Saturday all year long from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM.  Again, this is a fantastic place to get your groceries done when you’re looking for fresh and affordable meat, dairy, and produce. Not only is there a food building, there is also a building 

3) Snyders Farm

Snyders Farm in Ayr, Ontario, not too far of a drive (only a mini road trip away), is a great destination for fall activities. Being away from home can make you nostalgic, so why not go for some pumpkin picking to carve your own pumpkins! Make your student house feel that much more homey! They also host a Fear Farm with attractions such as Carnevil, The Stalking Dead, Hiller House and a Haunted Hayride. The Hayride is a personal preference; that way, I don’t have to constantly run away from monsters that are chasing me! You can attend this event from October 23rd - October 25th and October 30th - November 1st. Plus, the website has $3 off admission! Who doesn’t love a deal?

4) Apollo Cinema

Did you grow up on Twilight but now you’re concerned as to why you were obsessed with something so strange? Drunk Feminist Films will be screening Twilight at the Apollo Cinema on October 23rd complete with drinking games to go along with the film. Doors open at 8:40 PM.


In downtown Kitchener at THEMUSEUM, they are hosting a Beer and Dinosaur event on October 28th. Your ticket gets you one pint while you sit and listen to the dinosaur man himself. A YouTube sensation and dinosaur whisperer, Dustin Growick, provides the entertainment for the night along with an interactive dinosaur activity. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I know I do! 

6) Pearl Nightclub

Pearl Nightclub has an event for your three days in a row so one can properly celebrate Halloweek! Looking to go to a bar and not legal yet? Halloween Havoc takes place on Thursday, October 29th, and you don’t have to be 19!  On the Friday, Freakshow (19+) presented by XLLifestyle is a favourite for many, as it is already sold out. The Saturday is the Halloween Howl (19+) providing you with an event for the actual Halloween day. All three of these events are great places to showcase your amazing Halloween costumes!

7) Bingemans

Once you’ve celebrated Oktoberfest at Bingemans, time to return for their Scream Park, similar to Wonderland’s Fear Fest! Attractions include freak show, cabin in the woods, the dormitory, zombie outbreak, voodoo lounge, and the red room. Apparently, the chicken out count is at over 6000! I can only do scary movies, and have never survived a haunted house, but maybe I’ll give this one a try as it looks to be something I wouldn’t want to miss. You can attend between October 22nd - November 1st.


Hopefully this list gives you some ideas to get out of the midterm blues and celebrate this wonderful season accordingly!