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When the world shut down in March of 2020, many couples were forced to rely on online dates. With the world moving online, businesses had endless possibilities to expand their platforms and activities. Long-distance relationships could rejoice; they finally had more opportunities to go on virtual dates and spend time together. Since July of 2021, many restrictions have ended and businesses have opened up. For those long-distance relationships, the endless possibilities for dates have ended and they are in need of new ideas. Here are five date ideas for long-distance relationships.

Netflix Party

Now known as Teleparty, this browser extension can let any two or more individuals watch a show or movie together in the comfort of their own homes. All you need to make this happen is the browser extension Teleparty, the streaming services Netflix or Disney+ and some snacks. This option is not only great for dates, but it is useful for remote companies or clubs that wish to have an event. 

Online Travelling

Many travel-related companies took the opportunity to use Google Maps and their own stock photos to create the real-life experience of travelling to any destination. Ever wonder what the Eiffel Tower looks like up close, or maybe even how tall the Great Wall of China is? Well, you can experience all of that and more. This is the best online date that you could go on if you’re a couple that loves to travel. Explore and plan your next vacation; that way, when the world opens up, you are ready to go.

Online Escape Rooms

This by far is my favourite online date. I love escape rooms and very much enjoy going with my friends and significant other every year on my birthday. My birthday happened to fall right at the beginning of the pandemic, and I was left wondering what I would do. My significant other found a free online escape room and I have been hooked ever since. Depending on the company, some of these online escape rooms are free, while some cost money. Regardless of which one you choose to do, this is an excellent date idea that will create memories forever. 

Online Games

If you and your significant other are gamers, then this is probably the best date idea for you. There are a few ways that you can do this date. Whether you already have a game that you both play or want to play a brand new game, here are a few ideas. If you already have a game that you both like, set aside a night or afternoon and just play that game together. No interruptions or commitments, just you two and the game. If you are looking for a brand-new game to play, you can turn this date into two date nights. Have one where you both look for a game you would like to play; possibly pick a couple so that you have a variety of games. Then on the second night, test out those games and pick your favourite. I did this a lot during the beginning of the pandemic and my significant other and I still play the games now. 


This date idea is pretty self-explanatory. Pick a recipe that you can both cook or want to learn how to cook and gather those ingredients. If you are both at home with your families, offer to cook for your whole family as it’s just a nice thing to do. Next, get on your favourite video-calling app and call while you both make the dish. It is typically filled with a lot of laughs, smiles and excitement. This is such a fun and quick date that you can do whenever.

Regardless of if you are long-distance dating or back to dating in person again, these dates can be used for both circumstances. They create a fun atmosphere and long-lasting memories that you will share for a lifetime. 

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