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Cute & Unique Outfit for St. Patrick’s Day

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Let’s ditch the tacky “feeling lucky” t-shirts this year and show up to St. Patrick’s Day parties looking unique! Finding ways to include green in an outfit isn’t always the easiest task. Here are some looks I’d like to see this March 17th.

Green pants

In the past, the classic green top and jeans combo have sufficed but this year, coloured pants are all the rage. In particular, coloured jeans or coloured leather. Pairing these fun pants with a simple white baby tee and some chunky sneakers would have you looking on-trend, but still standing out. Check out these ones from Zara.


If you’re planning on drinking all day long (no judgement here), why not do it in the ultimate comfort outfit? Sweatsuits have become one of the largest trends this past year with various ways to make them look less like loungewear and more like streetwear. Pairing a green sweatsuit with some chunky gold jewelry and platform Converse is without a doubt the best way to stay comfy all day, making room for bloating from alcohol all while remaining on theme. I’d recommend this hoodie and sweatpants duo from Aritzia, a bit pricey, but totally worth it!

coats, vests, jackets

If you’re looking for something warmer but still unique and green, I’ve got you. I’ve seen so many fun items for layering lately, especially in green. Whether your style is more puffer jackets, vests, varsity jackets, trench coats or anything in between, there’s a green option for you out there. This way, it’s easy to throw on with a white top, light wash jeans and call it an outfit! Here’s a super cute one I saw on Misguided’s website (& it’s on sale right now).


When in doubt, accessorize. This is definitely the easiest way to elevate any outfit, no matter the occasion. If you’re running late, on a budget or simply don’t own any green, it’s time to go to the dollar store and find yourself a shamrock necklace, some green glasses or temporary tattoos. The good news about Patty’s is the inclusion of gold. This means if you already own any gold jewelry, you’re set! Paired with some temporary shamrock tattoos and a dollar store bucket hat, you’ll be looking the part in no time. If you have a bit more time to prepare, this fanny pack would be the perfect addition to any outfit. Bonus perk: it has a slot to hold an extra drink – a must-have.

At the end of the day, if you’re wearing an ounce of green and a have drink in your hand, you’ll be on theme. Have fun, drink lots and be safe this St Patrick’s Day. Sláinte!


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