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A Curated Guide to Cute & Cozy Intimate Wear

Doing absolutely nothing is always an enjoyable past-time, but there’s something about Fall and Winter that makes these lazy days and nights so much more satisfying. However, with all the constant wear of the bunchy sweaters, loose pants, fuzzy socks, and thick scarves during these seasons, it’s easy to lose that touch of femininity and sexiness that are essential for when you’re drowning in those layers. If this is the case for you, try and embellish your couch potato experience with a hint of feminine delicacy and daintiness that you can redeem with some of these must-have intimates!

*Hint: For any of you who are like me and think about Christmas far before Halloween even comes around, these would make a great gift for a friend/girlfriend/relative!

Two-Piece Set

This is an essential to everyone’s PJ collection. It’s easy to wear and adorable. A set like this could also be mixed and matched to get more out of your pajama wardrobe!

Buy it here: Band of Gypsies Cami ($25.52), Lace Trim Shorts ($30.99)

Long Sleeve Two-Piece Set

This is similar to the shorts-and-tank version of the two-piece set.  It is perfect for being comfortable, cute, and warm all at once.

Buy it here: River Island Jacquard Pajama Trousers ($38.52), River Island Jacquard Pajama Shirt ($31.00)


If the cold weather is chilling you to the bone, the onesie is the ultimate form of comfort to come home to and be absorbed in. Reminder: make sure you relieve yourself before putting this one on.

Buy it here: Pink Unicorn Onesie ($30.00)

The Romper

This is perfect for when you can’t make up your mind about what top to wear and with which bottoms. It is great to throw on while strutting about the house with an oversized cardigan.

Buy it here: Gimme Shelter One Piece ($52.00)

The Bralette

Although you may not wear this around the house all on its own (but by all means, go for it), this pretty little number can continue to make you feel pretty outside the house, underneath all of the layers that come with the colder weather – a must have intimate for all the baggy sweater wearers out there.

Buy it here: Sicily Bralette ($95)

*For an inexpensive alternative, visit the Yokoyaki store on Etsy!

Graphic PJs

If you’re anything like me and cannot hold a proper conversation until your cup of coffee in the morning, let your PJs do the talking for you with a cute expressive sleep tee!

Buy it here: Coffee Is My Lover PJ Set ($18.59)

The Oversized Sleepshirt

This is a definite go-to in the world of pajama wear. The oversized fitting of this sleep shirt is liberating and trendy at the same time. Tip: to save money, steal your boyfriend’s shirt!

Buy it here: Afterhours Satin Sleepshirt ($49.50)

Kimono Robe

Whether you’re getting ready or having a GNO, a little satin kimono should always be kept in mind to toss on if you can’t decide what to wear. Who doesn’t want to feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel on their days off after all?

Buy it here: VS Satin Kimono ($49.50)

“My Calvins”

This trend has exploded among Instagram hashtags and celeb selfies in “their Calvins” (ex. Gigi Hadid in the above photo), but is nonetheless extremely comfortable. Choose the bra + undie trend or the long pajama pant for whatever suits your sense of comfort best!

Buy it here: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette ($36.69), Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini ($26.21)

No matter what you choose to wear, just make sure you are comfortable! Which of these cute intimates is your favourite? 

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