Cuffing Season in 2020

For some people, November means the start of the holiday season. For others, it’s the start of cuffing season.

Cuffing is when two people decide to get together for the winter months, often to avoid feeling lonely during the coldest part of the year. Cuffing season’s appeal has only grown this year due to all of us having spent so much time isolated due to COVID-19. However, the pandemic isn’t over yet and it’s still dangerous to allow others to enter our social bubbles, making cuffing a little more difficult this year.

If you are looking to get cuffed, you have to remember that now you’re in each other’s social bubbles. Before you meet up, it’s a good idea to talk about how you have been handling social distancing thus far. You don’t want to start hanging out with someone that is going to different parties every other weekend and potentially exposing you to COVID-19. You can still get cuffed safely, as long as you trust that both you and your potential partner are taking all the necessary precautions.

If you’re a little wary of cuffing season this year, you can still get cuffed virtually. Host a Netflix party or just meet on Zoom to chat. If you did want to meet up in person there are ways you can still be safe about it. A socially distanced coffee shop date followed by some outdoor activities is a great way to get to know each other while ensuring you both stay healthy. With the holiday season coming up, Christmas markets are now also in full swing! You can also make a day of it and check out a Christmas tree farm or keep it local and walk around the neighborhood to see some lights.

These are also all things you could also do with people already in your social bubble. It may not be the same as doing it with a partner but it’s still a great way to boost your mood. Maybe instead of getting cuffed this year, focus on spending more time with your family and friends.

The winter months can be a very challenging time for those who are single and 2020 is not making it any easier. It’s always a nice feeling to be able to get cozy with someone as the weather starts to get worsen but this year we need to be careful. We may not be able to do things as we normally would and that’s okay! 2020 is all about getting outside of our comfort zone and cuffing season is no exception. You got this.