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Country music: basically, the great divisor of our generation. Some people love it, while others think it’s pretty much the worst thing ever. Personally, I love country. Not the hardcore trucks and beers stuff, but the pop-country newer type. Admittedly, I fall into a pattern where I listen to country non-stop for a few months and then not at all for the next few, but I’m always glad when I rediscover my favourite songs. For those of us who enjoy country music, it’s commonly associated with the summertime. Maybe this is because country music is generally perceived as being upbeat and less “deep” than songs in other genres, but whatever the reason, I think this shouldn’t be the case. Here are my favourite country songs for different seasons – and why I love them.


My choice of fall music is usually relaxing, slower songs to match my carefree attitude at the beginning of the semester and its lack of responsibility.

“Blown Away” – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a classic and this song is nostalgic for me, but I find myself more inclined to listen to it in the fall. The whimsical opening is perfect for a walk through the falling leaves, and this song comforts me, just like the fall season.

“God, Your Mama, And Me” – Florida Georgia Line, Backstreet Boys

This song is another slower-paced, more relaxing but upbeat song that reminds me of the beginning of a school year, where you aren’t too stressed out yet. This is the perfect song to sing in that in-between period between summer and fall while driving around, or while out for a walk.

“Downtown’s Dead” – Sam Hunt

This is the first Sam Hunt song of many that will be mentioned in this article, but this one reminds me of the fall because of its lyrics that are discussing both loneliness and romance. Hunt sings about the fact that he can’t find enjoyment in going out when he is no longer with his significant other. Fall is a sleepy season that invokes the same feelings of loneliness and solitude for me, so I often find myself listening to this track in the fall.

“Break Up In A Small Town” – Sam Hunt

Another long-time favourite of mine, this song makes me feel wistful and nostalgic every time I hear it. It details a relatable scenario – finally seeing an ex-partner in your hometown (as you probably could’ve gathered from the title). It gives me the same relaxed feeling as the fall season, but its upbeat nature saves it from being too depressing. 

“Can’t Go to Church” – Mitchell Tenpenny

This was a recent discovery of mine, and while it isn’t relaxing like the others (actually very much the opposite), it reminds me of fall because it makes me want to sing whenever it comes on, but it’s still relatively mellow. While Tenpenny is writing about heartbreak, he does it in such a catchy way that it is a mood booster, but matches my attitude come fall.


Admittedly, this was the hardest season for me to appoint country songs to. In the winter, I tend to gravitate towards sad songs to match the gloomy mood outside, so this list encompasses my favourite sad country songs.

“Just A Kiss” – Lady A

I have a confession … Lady A was my first concert ever. While I can’t say I’ve kept up with their new material, their old songs bring me back to 2012 – a much simpler time – and they are very comforting for such a gloomy season.

“Wanted” – Hunter Hayes

If you want a song to highlight your loneliness, this is it. This was another song I grew up with, but it always makes me just as sad as the first time I heard it, making it a song I love for the winter.

“Cop Car” – Sam Hunt

“Cop Car” will never get old, capturing the excitement and consequences of young love. Hunt describes two young people running from the cops (and getting caught) but simultaneously falling in love even while in a horrible predicament. It’s hopeful but slow and is a track I frequently play in the winter.

“Mercy” – Brett Young

Probably one of the most depressing country songs on this list, “Mercy” details a situation in which someone is experiencing a breakup that is still fresh, and so every encounter with this person feels like torture. They’re begging this person to just make a decision about their relationship and stop all the games, and it gives me the same strained feeling that I get when trekking through the freezing snow in the winter.

“Colder Weather” – Zac Brown Band

As the newest addition to my playlist (thank you Riley), this is truly the perfect winter country song. It is sentimental and makes me want to cry, which makes it perfect for a late-night winter drive.


Country songs I listen to in the spring are generally more romantic or upbeat, to represent that all the seasonal depression from winter is melting away like the snow.

“Friends Don’t” – Maddie & Tae

This song is romantic and makes you reminisce about *that* certain crush you’ve had on a friend that may or may not have gone anywhere. It’s hopeful, just like springtime, and has never left my country playlist.

“Whiskey Glasses” – Morgan Wallen

One of the best breakup songs, probably ever, “Whiskey Glasses” will never not be on my playlist. This is another upbeat song that is sad if you pay attention to the lyrics, but it’s so catchy that it still reminds me of the happiness I feel in spring.

“You Broke Up with Me” – Walker Hayes

While “You Broke Up with Me” is another breakup song, this one is more about gaining confidence in the breakup and coming to terms with separation. Hayes describes the feeling of finally being over someone and being content without them, which makes it fit perfectly for the hopeful nature of spring.


Finally, the easiest season to find songs for: summer. Summer is when I blast my most upbeat and obnoxious country songs in the car at all times.

“Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” – Luke Bryan

I was absolutely obsessed with this song in grade seven (and even made it my alarm song for a while), and usually when I’ve played a song as many times as I have with this one, I would have gotten sick of it years ago. But this song continues to put me in a good mood instantly and is kept on repeat in the summer.

“House Party” – Sam Hunt

This is a classic, feel-good country song that is just pop enough for your country-hating friends to take a chance on it. It is slightly cheesy, but in the best way for a summer day spent outside.  

“Out of Nowhere Girl” – Luke Bryan

Maybe my all-time favourite country song, this song is so incredibly catchy and is about a classic summer love story. Cheery and upbeat, it never fails to put me in a great mood for a day in the sun.

“Heartache On The Dance Floor” – Jon Pardi

Like “Out of Nowhere Girl”, this track is all about summer romance and makes me want to dance. It is the perfect song for driving around with friends on a hot day or hanging out at the pool.  

“Ex To See” – Sam Hunt

Another favourite of mine, this song tells the story of a girl using Hunt to make her ex jealous, but then at the end, he doesn’t care and gives in to the girl’s ploy. It is incredibly catchy and upbeat and is my go-to song for any situation in the summer – especially if you’ve recently gone through a breakup. “Ex To See” is one of those songs you passionately scream on a late-night ride with your friends for the entirety of summer.

Ultimately, country music isn’t for everyone, but the belief that it should only be listened to in the summer is underestimating the range of the genre. If you want to see my full country playlist on Spotify, you can find it here. Happy listening!

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