Costume Ideas for Lazy Couples

A good Halloween couples costume can be cute and creative while also not being too expensive! Chances are you probably have a lot of clothes that already work for a variety of costumes. If you’re a self-proclaimed lazy person who doesn’t want to put the time and energy into buying an expensive outfit, look no further!

Fred and Daphne

Fred and Daphne are one of the most well-known cartoon couples that exist. To achieve the Fred look, all you need is a blue button-up shirt with a white sweater over top and an orange necktie. For a Daphne costume, you would need a long sleeve purple dress, a matching purple headband and a green scarf. Fred and Daphne are such a recognizable couple so as long as the colours are right, it’ll be spot on!

Cosmo and Wanda

Cosmo and Wanda wear the same outfits throughout the entire series of Fairly Odd Parents. The hardest part about this costume would be the hair but once that’s out of the way, all you need is a yellow shirt and black pants for Wanda, and a white button-up shirt and black tie for Cosmo. Crowns and wands are easy to make if you have yellow paper, and wings can be homemade as well. Temporary hair dye isn’t too expensive and is sold at most drugstores.

Gold Digger and Sugar Daddy

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Because who doesn’t want an excuse to wear a sparkly gold dress all night? If you don’t have one, one of your friends might. A gold shirt or pants could work as well, as much gold as possible is needed. A shovel can be bought at the dollar store, and fake money can be ordered on Amazon for less than $20 for the sugar daddy costume.

Each other!

Chances are you and your significant other have different styles and clothing choices. Why not swap places for the night and imitate each other? This is the easiest and most budget-friendly costume on this list because you don’t have to buy any clothes, all you need to do is borrow one of your partner’s signature outfits! A little bit of makeup and a different hairstyle will transform you, plus you won’t have to spend any money. 

And there you have it! Four different costumes that are sure to turn heads at any Halloween event you attend.