Club Profile: WLU Film Society

Laurier has been named Canada's number one school for student satisfaction for the last four years, and that is no doubt in part thanks to the large number of clubs available for students to join. One such club is the WLU Film Society, and this week, we heard from co-presidents Hayley and Megan to learn more about the work they do!

Club Name

WLU Film Society

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Insta: @WLUFilmSociety

Twitter: @WLUFilmSociety

Facebook: @wlufilmsociety

Answers Provided By 

Hayley Brennan, Film Studies, 3rd year, Co-President

Megan Cruz, Film Studies, 3rd year, Co-President


Can you please explain what WLU Film Society is, for anyone who doesn’t know?

WLU Film Society is a club where all students with a passion for films can get together and enjoy their love for film together. We are a community of Golden Hawks that are cinephiles who can connect with one another.

What sorts of events has Film Society run so far this year?

Film Society has events every week on Thursdays. Our biggest event would be our kino hearts. Everyone loves kino hearts since it is always in Wilfs Den and there is free apps. This is where we discuss a selected film that matches a theme with each term having its own theme. This term we did films that are controversial, and next term we are discussing films that teens like for some reason. We also do themed trivia, and hold screenings throughout the year. Another big event of the term was our annual meet the profs, where students and professors can get together and socialize in Wilfs (with free food). 

What does Film Society have in the works right now?

Right now we are doing most of our planning for our events next term, which would be our Kino hearts, screenings and trivia! We also have some bigger events in store such as Oscars night, where you can join us in the Wilfs back room and watch the Oscars! We always have plenty of food and prizes. We also have our film symposium. This is where students can present their school or personal work in film. If you’re in film some professors even give you bonus marks for showing up! Lastly, we have been working with the professors and we can finally say that we are holding a screening with Paul Zimic which will be followed by a Q&A. 

How did you get involved with Film Society?

Megan: Last year I was on the executive team as a 2nd year rep. Film Society was a club I grew to love and I knew that I wanted to be apart of it throughout my university life. Being so passionate about this I decided to run for President and asked Hayley to be my Co-President. Lucky for us we won!

Hayley: I got involved in Film Society through Megan last year. She took me to my first Kino Hearts which was All Dogs go to Heaven for the theme, so movies that shouldn’t be for kids. After that we decided to run as Co-Presidents for the club, and won at the club's final general meeting last year! 

What can people gain through involvement with Film Society?

A lot can be gained from joining Film Society. For one, you meet people that you share a common interest with who you may not have met before, epecially for those who are not in the film program. A few of our events also involve the film professors, so if you are in film you can get to know your profs better! Lastly, by joining our executive team you can gain leadership experience.

What is your favourite thing about being a part of WLU Film Society?

Megan: My favourite thing about Film Society was getting to know the people because everyone that is a part of the club is super cool.

Hayley: Getting to hang out with people who share the same interests as me. I especially love it when we get off topic, and start talking about whatever comes to mind 

How can people get involved with Film Society?

All you have to do is come to our events! We hold events every Thursday which you can find out about through our social media platforms. If you want to get involved in a bigger way, we do our hiring at the end of each school year!  

If you could make it so that every Laurier student knew at least one thing about Film Society, what would you want that one thing to be?

You don’t have to be in the film program to join, everyone is welcome! Film Society is a place for all Golden Hawks that like films, people that want to watch or talk about movies. This is where you can connect with people that share a common interest with you, if your interest happens to be in films!

There you have it! If you think WLU Film Society is the club for you, be sure to follow them on their social media accounts and head out to their events!

*Answers have been edited for clarity