Canadian YouTubers You NEED to Watch

Joey Kidney

Joey Kidney was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He rose to fame when he became a guest on the infamous Pressplay tour. Currently, Kidney has claimed over 600 thousand YouTube subscribers, a number that is quickly growing. Kidney makes impactful videos regarding gender roles and mental health. He prides himself on creating content that addresses controversial topics because he believes he has an obligation to be a voice for those who are too afraid to speak. Kidney has never been too shy to be unapologetically himself, which is why so many people (including ourselves) love to watch him. He isn’t concerned with maintaining a typical YouTuber image. Instead, he enjoys to be vocal with his fans, and addresses them as his friends through live videos and countless other interactions through social media.

A reason why we love Joey so much is because we have a special relationship with him. Through a different magazine we are involved with, Revolt Magazine WLU, we were given the opportunity to interview him. We can proudly say that Joey is one of the most sincere and genuine people we have ever met in our entire life. He FaceTimed us for over two hours and spoke to us like a friend. We also are so proud of him for getting a McDonald’s sponsorship because we lowkey have a squad name... #9amMcDicksGang.

Osh and Akela

Looking for a pair of relatable, beautiful and genuine Toronto gals to spend your Friday nights binge watching? Well, we have just the thing for you! Osh and Akela are a Toronto based best-friend duo who make a wide range of videos that cover everything from Toronto slang to letting their boyfriends slay their edges. Osh and Akela truly do it all. Through our magazine, we were also able to score an interview with them. It is safe to say they are just as nice on screen as they are off. Nothing is better than supporting a pair of gal pals who would rather kick back and drink a Tim’s iced capp than a Starbucks caramel machahahaha…

Elle Mills

Joey Kidney is Elle Mills’s Pookie (yes, you read that right, we said pookie). We’re jealous of Joey, not of her. Elle Mills is what you would call “wife material.” She wears Coca-Cola shirts, eats an absurd amount of Wendy’s, and causes emotional turmoil within her family. What more could you possibly want? Don’t believe us? She went to Vegas and married her sister’s boyfriend of eight years, and also got all of her brother’s exes together and had a sleepover just to roast him. Oh yeah, and how could we forget that one time she tried to find a step dad on Tinder? She is the definition of extra. She does things you wish you could do but could never actually pull off. To be blunt, Elle Mills is what we wish we all were. I think we all can take inspiration from Elle Mills, our hamburger guzzling, Joey Kidney stealing, bae.

GiGi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous has played a fundamental role in shaping the LGBTQ+ community on

YouTube. Gigi has documented her entire transition and has been vocal with her viewers about not only the positives of her journey, but also her downfalls. Gigi has blown up within the past few years and even claimed herself a spot on Kylie Jenner’s app, where she frequently did videos regarding makeup tips. Gigi is unapologetically herself and often shares her wacky stories regarding Toronto.

Adelaine’s Camera Roll

Adelaine Morin is an Ontario based YouTuber. You probably have heard of her main channel, Adelaine Morin, with over two million subscribers. However, we want you to check out her vlog channel, Adelaine’s Camera Roll. Her secondary channel broadcasts her childish antics around Mississauga and Los Angeles. Her channel is full of smiles and behind the scenes footage of “the happiest place on Earth,” aka her main channel. If you need some beauty tips or even just a laugh, this is definitely the place to go.