Campus Profile: Rockstar Sponsor, Eric Hocking

For those who approached our Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier University booth at the Get Involved Fair, we were handing out Rockstar Energy, bright and early, to fuel your Friday morning. How did we get our hands on this? We’ve partnered with Rockstar Energy, through my friend Eric. He is an avid Golden Hawk, involved with many on and off-campus groups and events.

Name: Eric Hocking

Age: 21

Year/Program: Fourth Year, Kinesiology

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Campus Crush: Dr. Tracey…..cause she’s a fricken boss.

Favourite Bar: Dallas….or Chainsaw. No, Dallas.

Where can we follow you?

Twitter: @hocking74

Instagram: @erickhocking74

LinkedIn: Eric Hocking

Fun Fact: I can barefoot water ski.

Jenna: I asked for a photo of him doing this, but he claims it’s hard to get a photo of, so this fact cannot be confirmed.

What is your top Laurier Campus hack?

Go to the bar early- and by early, I mean there’s no such thing as showing up too early.

(Jenna: This past weekend, my friends and I took this advice, and in fact he is right. Go early, no line, no wait for the bar)

Thoughts on Phil’s?

Deadly. It’s the only place near campus where twenty bucks will go a long way. Also, it’s best you leave your dignity at the top of the stairs.

How did you end up at Laurier?

I’m originally from Onanole, Manitoba, but my family is currently living in Mississauga. When I was applying to school, Laurier really stood out to me. The small campus size was definitely big for me. I also love my program structure, because it allows for a more intimate class settings. There are so many opportunities for academic success. And of course, Laurier has a second-to-none social atmosphere.

What memory has stood out to you the most so far?

In my first year, I joined Laurier’s Kinesiology Games team. I had the time of my life at the University of British Columbia. Second year, the games were hosted in Montreal and last year in Winnipeg. This year, I have the opportunity to go, as team captain along with two others, and we are headed to the University of Alberta. It’s amazing to come together with students from across Canada, and engage in what studying Kinesiology really has to offer.

Aside from Kin Games, absolutely nothing compares to the friends I’ve made here.

How did you get involved with Rockstar Energy?

I first got involved with Team LTD as a campus rep, and a guy from there eventually hooked me up with Rockstar. 

What other groups are you involved in on/off campus?

I work for Laurier Athletics, and specifically Laurier Rock Climbing. I’ve also taken part in intramurals, playing ice hockey, handball, and soccer. I’m a rep for XL Lifestyle as well, so join my 12Barz and Bunny Hop teams!

How do you have time for all of this?

I love being busy and being involved on and off campus. Also, I need to keep busy because if I’m not busy I get lazy, and then I don’t get anything done!

Where is your favourite on-campus study spot?

I am always in the Science Atrium. It pretty much has everything you need. It’s not too quiet or too loud, Tim’s is right there, and there’s always someone to study and do work with.

What advice would you give first-year students?

It’s all about balance; balance your schedule and time, and don’t overcommit. I’d say make it 50/50. That way you don’t miss out on first year fun, but you also maintain your studies. You can have fun, but not too much fun because school is important too.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” – Rikki Rogers