Campus Profile: Marc Williams

Name: Marc Williams

Age: 22

Hometown: Waterloo, ON

Program: Communications

Relationship Status: Single

Instagram: @mwilldogg

Favourite movie: No Strings Attached

Favourite Disney movie: Mighty Ducks

Dream travel destination: Jamaica

Favourite food: Watermelon

Who has more Instagram followers: you or your cat?

Me, thankfully, but he probably deserves more.

Best car song: “For Free” – Drake

What’s your best dish? Lasagna.

What do you do in your spare time? Write songs.

What genre of music do you write? Country.

Favourite country singer? Dierks Bentley.

Three things on your bucket list:

Visit Alaska, perform music in front of people, and save a life.

Pet peeve?

People who mix up “your” and “you’re”.

What are you involved with at Laurier?

DJ at Radio Laurier. (Fridays 9-11am)

What do you look for in a girl?

Funny, honest, compatible, and confident.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

With a family, and a steady job doing something I love, still keeping things interesting.

Biggest role model?

Definitely my parents.

Where would you take a girl on a first date?

I would try to get to know her a little bit and then decide based on what she might like best. But I’m a killer mini-golfer.

We heard you have a “no boring weekends” policy; tell us about your best weekend.

Without getting into too many details, beginning the day staying hydrated at a Blue Jays game with buddies having no plan, and ending up with my feet in Lake Muskoka that night. It was a little hectic, but definitely not boring.