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Campus Profile: Laurier Golden Hawk and Eyelash Technician — Lindsay Stevenson!

Name: Lindsay Stevenson

Year: 3rd

Program: Global Studies

Hometown: Burlington

Relationship status: Wifeable ;)

Instagram: @lindsstevenson @lashhesbylinds (Note: there are two h’s!)

Contact: lashhesbylinds@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/lashhesbylinds/


About Linds…

What’s your favourite memory from your time at Laurier so far?

Last St Patrick’s Day… holidays at Laurier are always so much fun. Let’s hope this year’s weather holds out to make it just as good as last year!

What is something you aspire to be or do once you graduate?

After I graduate I want to travel and go to Australia, Thailand, etc.


Do you have a favourite study spot?

I’m usually between my bed and the study lounge in my building.

Since you also work at Starbucks, what’s your barista pet peeve?

I could make a list of all my answers to this question, but probably when people get mad at me for spelling or pronouncing their name wrong.  

Favourite KW restaurant, bar, or coffee shop?

I’m pretty much always craving spin dip from Wilf’s…


Would you rather:

Boots and Hearts or Osheaga?

Osheaga… because I’ve already been to Boots (been there, done that, over it).

Wine night in or beers at the bar?

Beers at the bar.

RomCom, comedy, or action/thriller?

Comedy… Step Brothers will never get old.

Big weekend out or Netflix marathon on the couch WTG?

Depends… but usually the marathon with the girls.

Walk on the beach or hike in the park?

Hike in the park because I hate the feeling of sand on my feet… it’s gross.

Leafs game or Jays game?

Leafs game because I’ve never been to one!

What inspired you to become a certified lash technician?

I got my eyelashes done once on a whim and had such a great experience with them. I wanted to be able to deliver that to my friends and peers in Waterloo. Once I got certified I practiced on my friends for a while until I was comfortable enough to start accepting clients.

Why do you love having eyelash extensions?

I love having them because it saves me tons of time in the morning (ugh, mascara) and it’s a good alternative for me because my natural lashes are blonde and straight. I also find that they look more natural than having to pile on loads of mascara all the time.

What is one thing that you’ve noticed or heard from clients that are transitioning to you from another lash technician?

I often find that when I go to ask clients what they want or what they’ve had, they have no idea how to answer me. They weren’t involved in the process of selecting their old lashes and style, which is why I think so many clients come to me to have their lashes fixed, whether they just need a fill or a full removal and a whole new set.


Lashes FAQ…


What is the difference between mink and synthetic lashes?

I use synthetic mink because they’re cheaper and they look the same as real Siberian mink without hurting any cute animals. The only difference is that real mink lashes are softer and fluffier but you honestly can’t tell the difference.


What does the maintenance of lash extensions look like?

– No water for the first 24 hours but after that they’re waterproof.

– No oil based or waterproof makeup products and oil free makeup remover is a must.

– Try not to sleep on your stomach or side (whichever side you naturally sleep on is the side you’ll see the most fallout).

– Always make sure to brush them after they get wet, and make a habit of brushing them in general just to keep them fluffy!

– No mascara on your eyelash extensions, but bottom lash mascara is okay. – NO pulling, tugging, or rubbing, this will increase the rate of fallout and you can risk damaging your natural lashes.

How much do you charge for extensions?

– $80 full set (unlimited lash count)

– $40 2-3 week fill

– $50 3-4 week fill

How long should you go between fills?

Depending on how well you maintain your lashes, usually 2-4 weeks.

What happens when you stop getting fills?

They’ll shed with your natural lash growth, however, they can look patchy if you don’t get them removed all at once.

How much is removal? Is there a safe way to take them off at home?

I only charge $10 for removal, but you could also try applying coconut oil before bed and they should start to come off. I would personally recommend the removal just so that we can ensure they come off safely without any leftover residue.

Do your natural lashes get damaged when you get eyelash extensions?

No, this is actually a huge misconception. If they’re applied correctly (1 fake lash per 1 natural lash) and are applied according to the weight and length that your natural lash can support, they will not damage your natural lashes. This is why keeping up with fills is so important because the extensions will fall out along with your natural lashes, so this will give your new lashes enough time to grow and support the new extension.


What makes a good eyelash technician?

Carefully listening to what the client wants, and explaining all the options that I can offer them. I usually have a conversation with them about why they’re getting lashes and what they’re looking for so that I can be sure they’ll be happy with the finished product. This also helps me get to know them personally as they keep coming back to me for fills, and I can start to understand them better as we develop a relationship/friendship that’ll help me satisfy their needs.

As a student, I totally understand what it’s like to have a chaotic schedule which is why I often open up bookings during my free time in the late hours. I’m super flexible and can work around busy schedules, especially in this area since a majority of my clients are Laurier/Waterloo students.

What is your preferred method for people looking to schedule an appointment with you?

Texting is easiest for me, you can reach me at (289) 208-2844. If for whatever reason you need to reach me online, you can send an email to lashhesbylinds@gmail.com and I’ll respond as soon as I can, usually within a couple hours.

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