Campus Profile: Jake Boyack

Auditor by day, rock star by night; this is the life Golden Hawk Jake Boyack leads. He’s a man of many talents and can be seen playing gigs at popular bars downtown Toronto and even in the Waterloo area. You might have caught him at his recent shows at Chainsaw or Wilf’s this past month. Get to know this talented guy below.

Name: Jake Boyack

Age: 22

Year: 4th

Hometown: Mississauga

Program: BBA (Co-op Option)

Musical Influences: Foo Fighters, John Mayer and the Arkells are staples in my playlist.

Favourite Courses: Definitely a tie between History of Rock and BU354.

Social Media Handle: @kingslimitmusic @jakeboyack @fieldtrip

Field Trip and King’s Limit playing at Maxwell’s in Waterloo, Ontario.

Why did you choose to come to Laurier?

One of the main reasons I chose Laurier was because my dad was a graduate of the Laurier BBA program. Laurier is a top undergrad business school, in my opinion. It is the perfect distance from home so I could still visit my family and get home cooked meals, yet be independent. The best part about Laurier is the small community feel that I think most Laurier students would agree with and that’s what made me feel at home.

What has your co-op experience been like over the last three years?

Overall, the co-op option is a great tool that has allowed me to build my resume and encounter valuable experiences that lead to future job opportunities. Presently, I’m working at PwC which is one of the big four accounting firms. My first co-op term was after second year, where I worked for the Canada Revenue Agency. Compared to what I do now, it was your standard 9am-5pm. I was an International Large Business Division Auditor so I got to audit some big and well known companies. Last year I did a term at a boutique accounting firm in Toronto called Clark & Horner LLP where I got to wear a suit every day and do tax returns for NHL hockey players. Being downtown was awesome and even though the hours were late, it was fun to go out with co-workers after for drinks and to socialize. I became friends with a lot of people from Ryerson, including my best friend from SK who I hadn’t talked to in 12 years, which led to the creation of Field Trip.

What was the process of getting into the co-op option like?

I was really nervous getting into co-op because it’s a make or break experience; you’ve only got one shot to get in. The process was somewhat long but I was excited to start getting out into the field and get a taste of what it’s going to be like working in the business world. I feel more confident this current term because of my previous work experience, and I am able to take on more challenging tasks.

Field Trip playing at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario.

When did you start playing music and how did you get into it?

I started playing piano at a young age and didn’t like it because at the time, I didn’t think it was “cool enough” so I begged my parents to buy me a guitar and I started learning. Presently, my biggest regret is not sticking with piano. I started playing in small bands through my music school, T-rox, that put kids together to form bands. They’d rent out a bar once a month to let the bands practice playing a couple songs on stage in front of an audience. My first band was called Jokesauce.

How do you balance band practice with a heavy course load or your co-op work term?

To be honest I don’t know how I’ve done it! Probably all thanks to coffee. I’ve come to a point where I realize that just because I work a lot, 60-70 hours a week right now, doesn’t mean that I should let it control my entire life. I’ve found a way to make time for everything I like to do. I get pumped when I know I have a gig to play after work so even though I just worked a twelve-hour day; music is something that gets me through it. For example, when the drummer in my band, David Di Iorio, and I played for the first time at the Horseshoe Tavern. Within an hour of getting off stage, we were on a GO bus back to Waterloo. He was studying for an exam the next day and I was prepping for my PwC interview – talk about a reality check!

Kings Limit just played a gig at Wilf’s. What are some other gigs you’ve played?

We actually just finished our “busy season tour” as we had a lot of gigs lined up during the busy season in the accounting world. We’ve played at Maxwell’s, Wilf’s and Chainsaw in Waterloo, Fritz Ray’s bar in London, Squirrel Toothed Alice’s in Guelph and the Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace in Toronto. The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters have both played at the Horseshoe Tavern so it was really cool being on a stage with so much history. My favourite gig was the first time we played at Chainsaw. Funny story, I had strep throat, could barely talk and the antibiotics hadn’t kicked in yet but it was a crazy experience because the crowd was wild and everyone was really into our music.


King’s Limit Band Members

What made you so passionate about music?

It became a way to express myself. After a long day at work, the best feeling is going to the basement, turning the amp up and playing through an album. Being able to do what I love in a setting that other people can enjoy is why I am so passionate about music. Although it’s really tough to make a career in music, it’s worked out perfectly for me as I can have a job which I love, and can make money, which can go towards funding my passion for music (and my guitar collection). I consider myself very lucky to have the ability to sit down and play with people who share the same passion, like fellow Golden Hawk Kenzie Nelligan! Oh, and I can’t forget the UWers… Mitch Chapman and David Di Iorio. These guys have made fourth year the best year of my university career by far.

King’s Limit at Maxwell’s in Waterloo, Ontario.

What are your plans for the future?

So, I’m going to drop out of school and go on tour. Alternatively (and much more realistically), I’m going to pursue a CPA designation and hopefully work at PwC after graduation. Currently, the band and I are focusing on creating an EP, which will be released in the near future. I would love to move downtown after school and definitely keep the band going. Another thing I want to do is eventually get my private pilots licence.

King’s Limit is a band on the rise, so Golden Hawks, if you’re ever in the need for some good music and an ice-cold beer, check out where King’s Limit will be playing next! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Jake, we at Her Campus Laurier wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours, musically and academically!