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Campus Cutie: Rick Camman

This Waterloo-raised Laurier boy is the cutie you would want your parents to meet! Vice President of Students’ Union by day and EDM enthusiast by night; Rick is the full package. He dedicates his time to ensure that the voices of the students are being heard as loud as Rick’s music choices!

Cutie: Rick Camman

Class Year: 2014

Degree: Honours Political Science with Research Specialization

Hometown: Waterloo

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Energetic, Spontaneous and… Happy

What was your greatest accomplishment this year?

Getting hired as the Vice President of University Affairs at the Wilfrid Laurier Students’ Union.

What’s your dream job?

I really want to be a City Planner for the Waterloo Region. This place is my home.

Favourite Food: Pizza (of course).

Hidden Talents: I’m a pro at ping-pong; they never see it coming.

Pet Peeve: People who only complain about their problems but don’t do anything to address them. We’re in control of our own lives; we have to take the first step.

What’s your ideal first date?

I really want to spend that time getting to know her… So, I would say going for a long walk, or sitting outside with a coffee and just talking.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

I want to learn how to DJ and produce music.

What song have you recently been listening to on repeat?

“OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)” by Flux Pavillion, and “I am the Highway” by Audioslave.

How do you feel about being our first ‘Campus Cutie’?

I’m really nervous, but I want students to know how many amazing volunteer opportunities we have on campus and that they can approach me, or anyone at the Students’ Union Office if they have any questions. 

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Chasya Dove

Wilfrid Laurier

English and Communications student at Wilfrid Laurier University with a passion for my city. Discovering Waterloo, ON has become my hobby from music festivals, arts shows, local restaurants and hidden coffee spots this place has got it all! With my passion for photography I strive to capture the moment, while learning that sometimes it's best to just let things be.
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