Campus Cutie: Rachel Hunter

Name: Rachel Hunter

Age: 20 (turning 21 this week!)

Hometown: Campbellville, Ontario

Year & Program: 4th Year Economics

Relationship Status: In a relationship

What are 3 words you’d use to describe yourself?

Funny, Compassionate, Dedicated

Place we’d most likely find you on the weekend?

Probably hanging out with my roommates! But if it’s a Saturday, I love to spend it at Pub.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

That’s a tough one, there are a lot of places I’d love to visit once I graduate! But the Greek islands are definitely at the top of my travel list, as well as New Zealand.

Favourite Wilfs meal?

You can never go wrong with the Seagram wrap and some sweet potato fries! Oh, and Spin Dip.

Why did you choose Laurier?

I was actually dead set on going to McGill and had accepted my offer of admission there, but I got cold feet about going so far from home. A week before the acceptance deadline I toured Laurier three times, and from the moment I stepped on campus I felt at home and knew this was where I was meant to be. On the tour, I actually had a sneak preview of some of the dance studios and that’s when I really fell in love.

What is your biggest piece of advice for first year Golden Hawks?

Get involved! Laurier has so many ways for first years to get involved on campus! It’s such a great way to meet people and keep yourself busy while away at school. Also, if you’re a dancer or have always wanted to learn to dance, join our dance program!

What are your plans after you graduate?

I switched from Biology to Economics last year, so I am a tad behind. I will be taking a fifth year, but once I finally graduate I want to take some time to travel, maybe do a Masters, or study something sports and recreation related!

How long have you been dancing?

My mom put me in dance when I was 2 years old because I was a super rambunctious, annoying kid (she thought it would help me calm down, I think it worked). So, I’ve been dancing a grand total of 19 years, and truly cannot imagine a life without dance. It has brought me so much joy to be able to continue sharing my passion for dance here at Laurier, as both a dancer and instructor!

What’s your absolute favourite style of dance?

I love all styles of dance, but my favourite would have to be tap. I got my first pair of tap shoes when I was 5 and never stopped tapping my feet. There is so much creative freedom when it comes to tap, because the sounds and rhythms you can make with your feet are endless.

How did you get involved with Laurier’s Recreational Dance program?

Before I even came to Laurier I already knew about the recreational dance program, so the second I arrived in first year I knew exactly where I wanted to get involved. The moment I walked into my first class (I believe it was Lindsay’s Advanced Lyrical) I just felt at home and got this overwhelming sense of community. I have even met some of my best friends through the dance program. After being a participant in my first year, I took on the role of tap instructor in my second year and now in my fourth year I have taken on an even greater leadership role as dance coordinator!

What’s it like being the Dance Coordinator?

Being Dance Coordinator is a lot of work and takes a lot of planning and organization, but it is so fun and so rewarding. It is nice to be able to give back to a program that has given so much to me, and I feel very proud to be able to lead such an amazing team of 22 instructors this year! All of the instructors and our incredible participants make being in this position so rewarding!

Tell us a little about the dance showcase!

Our instructors and participants this semester have being working hard on their routines and are so excited to perform for you! The Fall 2017 Dance Showcase is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3rd at 12:30pm and 4pm! Tickets are only $2 for students and $5 for non-students, and premium gold seating is $10. You can buy tickets online at or at the Hawk Desk. The shows will sell out, so get your tickets here while they’re hot! You don’t want to miss out, trust me.

Is there anything else you’re involved in on campus?

I am also a group fitness instructor for the group exercise program at the Athletic Complex. I teach Dancelates, it’s a super fun class for toning and is a great full body work out! It’s Thursday nights if you want to come workout with me!