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Campus Cutie: Peter Petrucci

Peter is a Golden Hawk with a great sense of style and who shows his school spirit with his dedicated involvement on campus. Check out what Peter has to say regarding style tips, his experiences as a Laurier student, and much more! 

Major: Global Studies & Cultural StudiesYear of Study: 4th YearHometown: Brampton, OntarioRelationship Status: Single

What are you involved in at Laurier? Tell us a little bit about your roles/duties.

I am currently a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity here at Wilfrid Laurier. I’ve been involved with the organization for a year and a half now. I’m also currently serving as Vice President of Greek Council, which currently looks over all affiliated Greek groups. I’m also happy to announce that for the incoming 2015-2016 year I will be a Residence Life Don.

Why is getting involved at Laurier so important to you?

Getting involved at Laurier is important to me because making connections and building relationships is something I value. From a personal perspective, being involved within the school community provides the ability to facilitate growth beyond the classroom in everyday life. Overall, the importance creates a better university experience with memories to look back on and knowing you had the ability to make an impact from whatever you become involved in.

It has been said that you are a style guru. What are some basic style tips that you can offer to other Golden Hawks?

I feel the most important style tip I can offer is being confident. Confidence in having the ability to be comfortable with your style regardless of what it is creates the ability to be confident with whatever you’re wearing. Having the ability to be confident with your style is one of the most basic fundamentals in my opinion.

What style tip do you swear by?

I enjoy simplicity. Simplicity in not making outfits too loud, keeping accessorising tasteful and not being excessive. Having said that everyone will eventually gravitate towards their own style or what pleases them so simplicity is my personal preference, but it differs for all.

What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet him or her for the first time?

I look for personality and the ability to carry on a conversation. I feel like conversation is a dying art, so having the ability to carry on a good conversation along with an entertaining personality is something I definitely look for when I first meet someone. 

Favourite place to go out on a Friday night?

Most definitely Phil’s!  

What has been the most challenging experience you’ve had to deal with throughout university so far?

I would say my most challenging experience cannot be pinpointed to one specific time… It’s the ability to balance. Balance is the most challenging experience for any university student, I feel. As I progressed in my university career I found a medium in balancing my schoolwork, social life and extracurricular activities. The road to that happy medium most definitely had some bumps along the way.

Why did you choose Laurier?

After coming here for a tour in Grade 12 I just found the community and campus really appealed to me. I had the opportunity to attend York University and University of Toronto, however in appreciating the smaller, more tight-knit community here at Laurier I realized I chose this school to make connections with people I would remember, as opposed to just having recollections of familiar faces.

What is a fun/interesting fact about yourself that wouldn’t come up in normal conversation?

Besides receiving my OSSD, I graduated from high school with another diploma in fine arts as well. My high school specialized in dance, drama, music and visual arts. My specialization was in visual arts so I enjoy painting, sculpting and photography.

Who would play the role of you in a movie and why?

Dave Franco. I enjoy his roles as being someone who’s characterized as high energy and extremely sarcastic which fits my personality.

Who is your biggest role model?

My mother is definitely my biggest role model. I can attribute my ability to be independent and being raised right to my mother. She’s a successful, independent businesswoman who aspires to keep a happy family as well as support herself and everyone around her whenever she can. I’ve grown up attempting to follow in her footsteps because she strives to provide her child and family with an enjoyable life and I wish to do the same in the future as she has done consistently.

Where do you see yourself after university?

I see myself after university in the work force (something needs to help me pay off OSAP). As common of a wish as it is, all I wish to have is a career I enjoy waking up to go to and the ability to take care of my friends and family as they have taken care of me over my life.

This Golden Hawk has definitely made an impact on Laurier with his positive attitude and his involvement with Greek Life. Good luck on your next step in becoming a Don and having a great impact on the lives of incoming first years, Peter! 

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