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Campus Cutie: Kimberlee Francis

What do fake gym dates, “small naked baby chickens”, and riding the Dallas bull all have in common?  Kim Francis, of course! This girl is truly a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she outgoing, driven, and a 6’2 goddess, but she has many titles to her name including president of the Science Students’ Association, personal trainer for Laurier Athletics, teammate, sorority sister, volunteer, and successful student. It is amazing how she can effortlessly juggle the countless activities she is involved in, and still have time for a social life. You better believe you can find her at Dallas on Friday nights! We sat down with Kim and asked her a few quick questions and shared some laughs. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce the infamous Kimberlee “it’s going down, I’m yelling Kimber” Francis.

Name: Kimberlee (Kim) Francis

Program: Biology and Psychology in combination with a minor in Communication Studies

Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario

Nickname: I would say that a lot of my friends have created their own nicknames for me. They are mostly variations of Kim, such as Kimbo, Kimber, and Kimbot. I couldn’t tell you how any of those started, but I’ll answer to any of them!

Astrological Sign: Cancer, which makes me a crab. I love being at the beach, so I guess that’s accurate!

Spirit Animal: I would have to say a giraffe. They’re tall, majestic creatures that like the heat and just seem pretty chill in general. That sounds like me.

How are you involved on campus?

This year, I am President of the Faculty of Science Students’ Association, which is the organization that all Laurier science clubs falls under. It’s been really cool to have an active role in making decisions and planning events to better the student experience. I’m also a personal trainer at the Laurier gym, which I have really enjoyed. It’s rewarding to work one-on-one with someone and develop fitness goals, and help them to meet those goals. I play intramural volleyball on a co­ed team as well as a girls’ team, and I’m thinking of joining an inner tube water polo team this semester. I’m a member of Alpha Phi International Fraternity and stay busy with regular sisterhood, philanthropy, and social events throughout the semester. I’m also currently volunteering at Grand River Hospital in the mental health unit. I’m looking forward to second semester because I’ll get to kick it off with my Winter Carnival team, which is always a blast! Needless to say, I like to stay busy.

What has been your favourite year at Laurier, and why?

I think my favourite year at Laurier would have to be my third year. After getting a lot of required courses out of the way in first and second year, I got to take more classes that I was interested in. By third year, I had a good handle of what university was about, had met some pretty cool people, got to be an icebreaker to some unreal first years, I felt like I knew what I was doing, and Laurier felt like home!

What’s an embarrassing story that’s happened to you during your time at Laurier?

When I was in second year, myself and my roommate (aka. best friend/accomplice in all things good and bad – we’ll just call her Renno) were headed to the gym together. It was fairly late at night, and we were planning on being at the gym for about an hour, and then stopping by to watch men’s basketball at the request of a cute guy one of us may or may not have been interested in. I took a long time getting ready and Renno was getting impatient to leave, so we headed out the door bundled up in our winter jackets and boots. When I got to the gym, I realized that in my rush I forgot my running shoes at home. At this point, there was no point in walking home to get them and come back, but we still wanted to go to the basketball game. We had about 45 minutes to kill, so with nothing better to do, we decided to head across the street to Menchies and get frozen yogurt instead (priorities, right?). After our frozen yogurt, we ran back and changed into gym clothes so it seemed like we actually went to the gym, and didn’t show up just to watch this basketball game, and seem like we just happened to be there.

It’s 2am and you’re heading back from the bar hungry. What do you eat?

Fat Bastard burrito is always a good option! When you order a small size chicken naked burrito, it shows up as “small naked baby chicken” on the cash, which is pretty hilarious. It’s like a weird drunk salad with noodles, chips, beans, and guac; it’s delicious and spicy and cheesy and perfect.

What’s a top date night suggestion? (hint hint fellas)

A Rangers game. I personally like to get outside my Laurier bubble and experience the city I’m living in, so it is a really creative and fun date night! I love the atmosphere of being at a live game.

Do you have a celebrity look­alike?

People say Blake Lively. I wouldn’t say it’s a spitting image, but I think I just say I want to be her enough that people are starting to believe it. She is naturally gorgeous, has a rockin’ body, and just seems like a really cool person. Serious hair envy – she always looks flawless.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?

Despite being in science, I really love art. Art was probably my best class in high school, and I love to draw, paint, and craft things. Even art history I find really interesting. I like having something like that as a hobby rather than a job because it’s something you just do for yourself for pleasure.

Thanks Kim for an amazing interview, lovely disposition, and positive attitude! You are an inspiring individual, and it is clear your wonderful outlook does not go unnoticed around the Laurier community!

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