Campus Cutie: Kaitlyn Severin

Meet Kaitlyn Severin! She’s a bright and bubbly second year dedicated to campus news and making the best of university life!

Name: Kaitlyn Severin

Hometown: Oakville

Year: Second

Program: Communications

Relationship Status: Taken

What are you involved with at Laurier?

I'm the lead reporter for campus news on The Cord, I'm on the promo team for Her Campus, and I'm a member of the Laurier Italian Association and CNIB Laurier.

What do you like about being involved on campus?

I love being able to meet new people through the campus clubs. Whether it's through the Cord or the members of the club, I love knowing that people on campus have the same interests as me. The clubs on campus makes Laurier feel a lot more welcoming.

What has been your favourite class so far at Laurier?

I would say Italian 101 was my favourite class. My background is Italian so I was able to learn some general words in Italian and got to hear about the history and heritage of the country. My professor was also one of the nicest I've had on campus, and my classmates were very enthusiastic about the course. Most of the courses I've taken so far have helped me in my writing, but I got to enjoy Italian because I am not able to communicate with my distant relatives in Italy, so it helped a lot.

Have you continued to take Italian after that class?

I took Italian 102, but now I’ve decided to focus more on Communication Studies and English since I want to get more into that field. I would love to take more Italian classes in the future though.

Who is your role model?

The first person who comes to mind would probably be Princess Diana. She was caring, elegant, and liked to take risks, even though she had to be portrayed as proper because of her status. She's pretty much everything I want to be but am not; I'm getting there! My other role model would definitely be my grandma who came to Canada at 16 to save money for her family in Italy. People who are willing to sacrifice their well-being and dignity for others are the best role models out there.

Is Princess Diana your favourite royal?

Yeah, but sometimes I find myself more relatable to Harry, since he reminds me of a typical college raver.

Are you a typical college raver?

I like to think of myself as a party animal, but honestly I'm starting to find it better to hang out at a house party or a bar with some close friends than to go to Phil's almost every night. Although, it's still my goal to go to every bar in Waterloo for a week straight before I graduate, so I guess you could say the raver is still in me.

What’s your favourite bar in Waterloo?

Fox and the Fiddle is one of my favourites, even if it's completely impossible to get in on a Tuesday night! If I had to pick a club, I would definitely have to go with Phil's. It's cheap, it's dirty, it's always crowded, AND it's in a basement. I feel like it's dangerous even to step into, but the risk is what makes it more fun. Also, even just looking at the names of the shots makes the place that much better. If you're ever bored there you should try it out!

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Can I say my whole life from age 11 to 16 was an embarrassing moment?

What advice would you give your first year self?

I would tell myself to not stress out too much on assignments and finals. Obviously it's a tough time for every student, but it's healthy to take a break every once in a while to enjoy something you love doing. Plus, stress does terrible things to your skin

What is your spirit animal?

Probably a dog, just because they're always happy and excited for no particular reason.

Well there you have it, the innermost thoughts of Campus Cutie, Kaitlyn Severin. Look out for her articles in The Cord, and if you run into her at Phil’s, buy her a shot!