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Name: Ginny

Year: Third Year

Program: Communications with the Social Entrepreneurship option

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship Status: Single pringle

Favourite Waterloo Bar?


Favourite Wilfs meal?

It changes frequently (I’m very indecisive haha)!

Favourite food?


Favourite style of dance?

Jazz, tap, contemporary, hip-hop (even though I can’t do it for the life of me)… everything!!!

Favourite song?

Incomplete by James Bay!

Favourite spot to hangout on campus?

Wherever my friends are!

How did you get involved in the Laurier Recreational Dance Program?

I got involved in the program in first year! As soon as I came to Laurier it was my mission to find out how I could continue to pursue my passion for dance. I found out about Laurier’s Rec Dance program because one of the instructors came to my residence and spoke about it! I have been in love with the program ever since taking my first dance class at Laurier!!

How old were you when you started dancing and why?

I started dancing when I was three years old (dancing, bouncing… whatever you want to call it haha). I remember I was obsessed with the idea of becoming a ballerina, and bothered my parents every day until they finally decided to put me in a dance class. They put me in ballet and tap to begin with, thinking it would stop me from bothering them. However, it only made me want to sign up for more styles.

What’s your favourite dance memory?

My favourite dance memory happened in my second year here at Laurier when my first ever class and I performed my choreography. I had created such an amazing bond with them throughout the semester, and I was so proud of how much they had all accomplished. After performing my dance with them at the Showcase for the first time, I couldn’t help but start jumping up and down afterwards because I was just so excited!

What’s your favourite part about being a dance instructor at Laurier?

EVERYTHING! Applying to become a dance instructor at Laurier was the best decision I have ever made! Though I do love everything about it, I would have to say my favourite thing is the bond I create with my students. I have 24 beautiful sunshine’s in my class this semester, and spending an hour and fifteen minutes with them every week is the highlight of my week. They make me SO happy and proud, and thinking about them just puts the biggest smile on my face! I love you guys!!! <3

What are you most looking forward to at this semester’s showcase?

Showcase is the best day of the entire semester! I am most looking forward to seeing what the other instructors and their participants have put together, as well as for my class to showcase what they have worked so hard on each and every week! Another great thing about the  Showcase is reuniting with all of the graduated instructors and participants who come back to watch. This just goes to show how amazing and special this program truly is!

If you could change anything about your first year at Laurier, what would it be?

If I could change something about my first year at Laurier it would be how shy I was to try new things. Laurier offers so many different ways to get involved and I now know that getting involved in different things is not scary, but super fun! (I also wouldn’t have started off in Econ! Kudos to all of you Econ students, I don’t know how you do it)!

What’s your ideal day look like? 

My ideal day would be waking up early and getting a workout in! I love getting in a workout before sitting down to study for the day! I would then want to come home and hopefully be productive for a while before getting distracted by my roommates! After studying, I would want to hang out with my friends because they always make me so happy. Then it would be time to dance with a bunch of the most wonderful people I have ever met! Finally, coming home, drinking a nice cup of tea, and going to sleep! What’s one thing people might not know about you just by looking at you?

I have a large (and probably somewhat unhealthy) obsession with watermelon! Yummy in my tummy!

Come check out Ginny and many others at the Winter 2018 Dance Showcase this Sunday, March 25th at either 12:30pm or 4:00pm. Tickets are available here at $2 for students, $5 for non-students or $10 for premium seats! See you there.

Jenna Steadman

Wilfrid Laurier

4th year Psychology major at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON.
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