Campus Cutie: Emily Adams

Name: Emily Adams (IG: emadamsxo)

Age: 20

Year: 3rd

Program: Communication Studies with the Business Management Option

Hometown: Orangeville

Relationship Status: Taken (sad, we know)

Currently binge watching: Stuck on The Bachelor, but a big fan of Gilmour Girls and Friends.

Favourite study spot: The Science building; I love the trees and sunlight!

Favourite food place: Itamae Sushi

Homecoming or St.Pat’s: St. Pat’s!

Favourite season: Summer, because I hate winter so much.

What have you been involved with on campus?

I played intramurals in first year with my residence and I am currently the Social Media Coordinator for the Arts Undergrad Society. I am also a general member of the Laurier Marketing Association, Women in Leadership, and Adhawk. (Emily is also currently applying to be a campus ambassador, so… hire her! Shameless plug!)

Why did you choose Wilfrid Laurier?

I went on a campus tour in high school and I loved it. I liked that it was small and I loved the atmosphere. Laurier has such a great community and so much to offer its students. The business management option also had a big hand in bringing me to Laurier. I also love our school spirit! I repeat time and time again, “I just really love Laurier, okay!”

Who would you spend a day with, dead or alive?

Beyoncé, because I LOVE HER! 

Favourite song right now?

Definitely Formation by Beyoncé,  #basic.

What do you consider to important aspects of life?

School, grades, family, friends (Brooklyn Ramsey), and staying active.

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Umm… Beyoncé, drop dead gorgeous, OMG kidding! For real, probably honest, loyal, and trustworthy”

Favourite pastime outside of school?

In the summer, I like to go on adventures and travel. While I’m in school, I like to spend time with friends and just relax.

What do you aspire to do after graduation?

I really want to travel, maybe do graduate studies somewhere abroad; I really want to go to teachers college then hopefully get a job in teaching or, if not, advertisement and marketing. I have been to London and Paris, but I really want to do a Europe trip, and I really want to go to Spain and Australia!