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Photo by: Sydney Officer

Asante Gabriel Micah Mizan, better known as Asante, or that guy who dances in Wilf’s a lot, is one of the most social cuties on campus! Known and loved by all, this cuddly man also happens to be one of the stars of your WLU football team! A proud Golden Hawk, Asante agreed to sit down with Her Campus to share some of his inner thoughts with us!  

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?

Some major city in the states. Maybe New York again, but been, there done that Might want to do something different. Maybe Miami for the weather nightlife and that west coast lifestyle with an east coast flavour

Do you have any hidden talents?

Hidden? Ehmmm. I dabble in DJ-ing from time to time, but I don’t know if that’s a secret anymore! I used to draw a lot back when I was younger but I dropped it when I started playing football

Photo by: Sydney Officer

What are your top three pieces of advice for first year students looking to get involved in sports at Laurier?

Perseverance – Don’t be afraid of your own success. It’s okay to want to be the best. Challenge yourself to be better than what everyone expects you to be. Only you can limit yourself. Why wouldn’t you want to be limitless?

Have fun- Stay happy. None of this is worth it if at the end of the day you hated it all and are completely miserable. With that being said, try to keep an open mind to new things. Whether it is a different coaching, new teammates, new team traditions, etc. There are a lot of things that I would have missed out on if I had stayed closed minded and living in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve enjoyed a lot of new things and learned a lot about myself, the school and my peers from doing things I would normally wouldn’t.

Be Honest – Stand up for what you believe in at all times. Growing up where I did, I needed a strong set of morals to live by. Anybody that knows me knows I don’t lie and I hate liars. Life is easier when you’re honest. The hardest person to be honest with is yourself. Not wanting to lie forces a person to do the right thing all the time. That way telling the truth is always easy. Never change those morals for anyone. Being yourself is what you are good at. Don’t comprise your honor or dignity for anyone.

Do these things and I’m sure you’ll have the best academic-athletic career here at Laurier.

What is your spirit animal?

If I had to guess it’d be like a monkey or a lion… let’s go with monkey

What has been your most exciting experience at Laurier?

Off the top of my head I’d have to say either homecoming or St. Patty’s. Both were extremely different experiences for me. I love the crowd and the energy that both events bring to campus. There’s a buzz in the air. When it comes to homecoming. I just love putting on a show for all the people, students, friends, and alumni that show up. So maybe homecoming wins.

Photo by: Kha Vo

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?

Right now, it would definitely be Nicki Minaj. Gotta have love for my Trinidadian girls.


Come show your Golden Hawk pride and cheer for Asante and the rest of the team this Saturday October 4th when they play York. Kickoff is at 1pm! Look for tickets here




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