Campus Cutie: Alex Dulanovic

Meet this week's Campus Cutie, Alex! You might recognize this lovely guy as he works at Wilfs and writes for the Cord! He's cool, well spoken, a music enthusiast, and a really genuine guy. 

Name: Alex Dulanovic

Program: English

Year of Study: 5th

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Instagram: @xeladulan

What is the perfect day for you?

So actually, one of the biggest lessons that I have learned in university has been how to balance my days. I consider myself to be more a slightly more introverted person than an extravert. So for me, I kind of need space alone and as well space to talk to people. I would say my perfect day is trying to write every day for 1-2 hours; I usually just get up in the morning and walk from my house, listen to music, write for a little, go to class, go home, and make a meal. I like to just chill at night with people or go out; it really depends where I am in the school year also. Like, say during the midterm season, I would grab food with people to keep me sane, but on the other hand when it is the first two weeks and everyone is going out, I find myself having some alone time.

What is your favourite song or album to jam to right now?

The way I listen to music is that, if I’m listening to music alone with my headphones, I focus a lot of lyrical content.  So I need a message that I can try to identify with and also like the whole idea of trying to get something out of it. Right now, I have been spending a lot of time with the new Kendrick Lamar album Untitled/ Unmastered; I’m just trying to understand that there is so much food for thought in there. Favourite album to jam to probably right now is the Life of Pablo; father stretch my hands that’s my jam part 1.

Who inspires you?

I don’t know; it’s tough. I don’t really find inspiration in people. I find inspiration in random moments that would just happen. Honestly, since I just read so much for my program, I do get inspired a lot by books and other written work, including music. Music is super inspirational to me, specifically rap.

Describe yourself in 4 words.

Expressive, confident, introspective, and relatable.

What are two things that turn you on and one thing that turns you off about people?

The most attractive thing in a person that I see is definitely confidence. Honestly, a turn off for me is shyness. I know it’s super bad; I’m empathetic towards shy people, but it’s tough for me to connect with them. I think attraction is based a lot of connection, so if they are closed off I feel like there is void created that doesn’t allow me to connect with that individual. Another turn on I would say is, I like girls who have something going on personally, in other words ambition. If you are passionate about something and have a hobby... It’s ultimately not about girls solely; people in general for me, if they have that drive and that passion to do what they love, I find that really admirable and endearing towards that person.

What legacy would like to leave at Laurier?

I don’t know really. I started about the stuff that was important for me a little too late. My first couple years of university, I was always into partying and missing class and other things. I came with my best friends, so I wasn’t really into socializing at all; I felt like I had all I needed in my friends. I truly felt like that had almost distracted me and limited me from other potential opportunities. It wasn’t honestly until I matured a little more that I really just started having the things I really cared about, but I was also scared to express that. I guess what I would like to leave is the impact I have made in my friends’ lives while being here and that I was someone that they could relate to.

Who would you consider as your celebrity doppelganger?

I get different random looks all the time; when I was younger, I always got Zac Efron when High School Musical was a thing. That’s an awkward question to me because I’m pretty against celebrity culture. I think that too many people stay focused on other people’s lives instead of their own, or the lives of people tangible to them, so I just tend not to look at that world at all.

Ideal first date?

I think it depends on the person, but the most important thing on a date is to keep it organic. I hate cheesy stuff and all that over-the-top nonsense. I think the first date is all about getting to know each other, so keep it simple. A huge no to me is a movie date, because you just end up going and sitting beside each other. I’m the type of guy that would probably ask someone out to dinner or something.

Best experience at Laurier has been…

I have had different experiences at different points of my life while being here. For instance, second year St. Paddy’s was really fun to me because I was just here at that point of my life. Working at Wilf’s this year was a big one for me too; I met so many new people. I have always been the one that didn’t really care for socializing with others and meeting new people, but I just rediscovered the joy of making new friends at Wilf’s. I have also enjoyed writing for The Cord was another fun moment for me. I guess I can say that my biggest experience at Laurier has been experiencing all the moments that I don’t like and learning what I do like. It’s kind of a trial and error process when you just do things and then you kind of reflect on them.

Go-to hangover food?

It’s this place at Waterloo Square plaza; there is this place called Auntie’s Kitchen. I always get the fusion plate, which is a mix of fries, biranini rice, chicken, and all this other stuff topped in the curry stuff, so yeah shout out to Auntie’s Kitchen.

Favourite bar?

It depends. In first year, I was down with Titanium and Philthy McNasty, and second year me was all about Fox , and recently the most generic answer that I would have is Phil’s. I love the attitude that people go there to have fun and it doesn’t feel forced. It's been a pleasure getting to know you Alex and we hope the rest of Laurier is as charmed by you as we are! We wish you all the luck and more in the future.