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Campus Celebrity: Students’ Union President Sam Lambert


While the weather outside has been frightful, sitting down with WLUSU President Sam Lambert was quite delightful. We met up with Sam who, at nine in the morning, had already been wide awake for four hours. He had attended a Crossfit class, made a magical smoothie concoction and stepped up his morning ritual with a little hip-popping dance routine in his shoebox sized shower to Tinashe and Schoolboy Q’s “2 on” (someone pour us a coffee!) Although his infamous bowtie ensemble was not being worn, he made a point to emphasize the regality of the often underappreciated bowtie (spoiler alert: his current favourite is a black tie that is covered with small white dogs). In addition to finding out what clothing choices he wore while dressing to impress, we got the inside scoop on the capaigning process and his personal strategy, the activities he has been involved with at Laurier and who his celebrity switcheroo would be if given the chance. We also went the extra mile and took “throwback Thursday” to a whole new level by talking about 90’s child actors. Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier appreciates a good thing when we see one, and anyone that channels their inner Beyonce is “A-OK’ in our books. Here’s the man that needs no introduction, WLUSU President Mr. Sam Lambert. 

WLUSU elections are fast approaching for the 2015/16-year. Can you describe a little bit about the campaigning process as you experienced it last year?

Honestly, it was awful in the sense that it was stressful and exhausting. It felt like the slowest time ever. If it were up to me, I would have told people to vote after the first week! However, it was well worth it because but it was really rewarding. I took pride in making sure everything I did was personalized – I wanted to make sure people knew it was genuine, and how passionate I am about the work that I do. My team and I had a booth, but the social media component I was doing myself.

What’s a typical day in the life of Sam Lambert? What is one thing you do on the daily that people would be surprised to know?

Every morning I get up at 5am and go to Crossfit. When I come home I love to make smoothies for breakfast in order to fuel my day. I am currently doing “the green smoothie challenge” where I make a different smoothie every morning! Today, the smoothie I made included spinach, half a banana, berries, and a lot of water. Once I am fuelled with my nutritious breakfast I check my emails, attend a lot of meetings, do project work, and support my team. I am in the office every day at eight in the morning. People would be surprised to know that during my morning routine I bring my laptop into the bathroom; I have a specific playlist that I sing to in the shower.

Your infamous bowtie is always dapper and has become your “signature look”. Is there a story behind it? Do you have a favourite bowtie?

It all began in grade twelve when I went to prom. My date wanted me to wear it, which ended up being a blessing because I looked and felt good in it. The rest is history! My favourite bowtie is one my mom ordered online for me for Christmas. I love the online company “The Bowtie Guys” as well as “Tie Bar”. It is a solid black tie with white dogs. It is definitely the favourite one in my collection. I love my Mom and she has great taste!

What activities were you involved with at Laurier other than your active involvement with Students’ Union?

I have had many positions at Laurier! Starting from the beginning, I was involved with House Council my first year. In second year I was a don at Waterloo College Hall. I was a TA and then I progressed to Head TA. Finally, I was Head Ice Breaker before becoming President.

What has been the most challenging moment or decision you encountered during your presidency?

The most challenging time during my presidency that I can think of is when Roly Webster left the Students’ Union to take a new position at UW. Roly was the Executive Director, so I took on his jobs when he left in September. It was a lot of additional responsibilities!

When we say the words “role model”, who comes to mind for you? What qualities do they possess that you find appealing?

I would have to say my father, even though I know both him and my mother will be reading this! I can honestly say that both are amazing people (shout out to Karey!) My dad is a very strong person, and I can talk to him about any of my issues. He has helped me a lot throughout my journey and he is a really understanding and successful individual.

When you are not on campus, where is your favourite spot to be and why?

Without hesitation I would have to say my bed! However, if I am not on campus or in my bed, you can find me at the gym. I utilize the gym in order to clear my mind and I truly believe it creates a positive mindset and sets the day up for success.

Do you have a quote or expression that you identify with?

The most important thing that I believe a person can do is to be true to themselves, and if they are, then everything else falls into place.

When the term is over, what’s next for you?

I am going backpacking with a close friend of mine! We leave on May 12th, and go to Europe for six or seven weeks. We are exploring, and staying in hostels! When I fly back into the country, I am almost immediately starting my job at Procter and Gamble.

If you could be a celebrity, who would it be?

OH! I would be Jay-Z… I would get to be in the presence of Beyoncé all day! However, I am only saying Jay-Z because if I was Beyoncé. I would not get the pleasure of being around her, and what is the fun in that?

Speaking of which, you said you like to sing. What would your first album name be?

Something self-titled… It has to be sassy with my name in it! Like “Sam-dalous”! 

Drum roll please… What is your favourite dance move?

I love to dance and I love to keep my moves are interesting – however, I will keep it short and sweet! I will say this though, there is a lot of “hip and shoulder” involved in all my moves.

If you could have been a child prodigy, what would you have wanted to be skilled at?

It would have to be something that I am not skilled at now. I would not go the route of being a child singer, but rather I think I would want to be a really good artist. Like a child Picasso – taking “Art Attack” to a whole new level.

Speaking about the 90’s, if you could be a 90’s child star, who would it be?

Obviously it would need to be someone really attractive! Probably Zach from “Saved by the Bell”! Screech is really funny but like… Zach all the way.

Is there a story that your friends still hassle you about?

I was downtown in Toronto one night with some friends, and I left the bar by myself (which I am known to do). People that I did not even know found me on the side of the road taking a little snooze and pictures were taken. There is photo evidence. Luckily, a colleague from our school found me on the side of the road and walked me back to the bar!

Last, but certainly not least, what is one piece of advice you would give someone running for President, or hoping to get involved in the Students’ Union?

The most important thing, and I stress this, is people. If you are kind to people, if you respect people, and if you take the time to understand them, you will go far – I promise you that.

Thank you so much Sam for sitting down with us and sharing both a professional and personal side of you! Although we will miss your leadership at Laurier, we wish you nothing but the best on your future endeavours backpacking and starting at your new position at Procter and Gamble shortly after. 

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