Campus Celebrity: Miranda Smelt

Meet this week's Campus Celeb Miranda! 

Age: 21

Program: 4th year BBA, Economics minor, Co-op  

Hometown: The 6ix

Relationship Status: Peanut butter

Motto: Treat yo’self.

Nickname: Randyyyyy/Mirrrrrr/Smeltyyyyy

What have you been involved with during your time at Laurier?

I’ve been super lucky to have dabbled in some cool stuff since I joined this glorious institution. I was on Bouckaert’s house council, and I was an executive then a director with The Link, through which I got to go to China for a few weeks to lead business conferences with high school students. I was an Icebreaker for a couple years, participated in winter carnival, and I was on the social team for JDCC. I worked at the Call Centre for a year (I probably called your parents for money, haha sorry about that) and I am now in my second year of being a Campus Ambassador.

I did recreational dance this past winter taking jazz, hip hop, and street dance (which was SO fun), then I went to Honduras in August on an SOS outreach trip after playing baseball all summer with MLSB. My number one thang has been being a varsity athlete/captain of Laurier’s swim team since first year. Nowadays I’m shacking up with the rents in Toronto doing my last co-op term at Deloitte in international strategy.

Anything you’re looking forward to in your final year at Laurier?

I’m pumped to be back in Waterloo in January and to be swimming with the team again. I’m super excited to go back to China, as well as Malaysia and Thailand, as part of the International Business specialization. 

Best memory at Laurier?

There are soooo many, but my 19th birthday would have to take the cake when I had a job interview, came 2nd in the Pepsi pitch competition, wrote an econ midterm, rode the bull at Dallas, and got a Frat burger with peanut butter all in one ridiculous day.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

A portion of my mouth never unfroze from my wisdom teeth removal three years ago, so I have limited feeling in the bottom left side of my mouth LOL. I’ve said this to all my friends but don’t hesitate to tell me if I have food dribbling down my chin, because I genuinely can’t feel it.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I ate a whole fried fish in Honduras this summer – bones, fins, eyes, legit the entire thing. To be honest I can’t remember if it was even a dare or if I just did it. Apparently fish eyes make you smart.

How would your friends describe you?

I mean in grade 9 I wore an entirely pink outfit – I’m talking jeggings, t-shirt, rain boots, Ardene’s plastic headband, all magenta, and thought it was stylish, so maybe somewhere between clueless, careless, and cool with it. I also believe the general consensus is that I’m a pretty happy person and always ask a TON of questions because I love listening to people.

What’s your go-to comfort food that brightens a bad day?

Gotta have that Kraft All Natural Smooth PB baby, right on the spoon.  

Most adventurous thing you've ever done?

Well besides provoking the campus geese (risky move), I bike across Toronto every day to my office downtown which means dodging city traffic for 15km each way. Part adventure, large part struggle, especially now with the subzero temperatures, headwinds, and hills involved. I love it though!

What’s something you hate that everyone else seems to like?

Cilantro, no question. Stuff tastes like soap.

If you had the chance to live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go?

I could see myself in England or the Netherlands because they’re amazing and I have family in those places, but I’d love to spend more time in Central/South America and have heard New Zealand is a time. You could basically ship me anywhere and I’d be down!

What’s the most attractive quality someone can have?

A smile they use a lot, being compassionate and smart.

It’s 3AM on a Friday night after the bar, what’s your go-to food?

Pizza for suuuure, or a burrito sans cilantro. If I’m feeling ambitious enough for the trek to McD’s, an Oreo Mcflurry with caramel sauce, such a legen-dairy combo!

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Ahahah well the last thing in my camera roll is a saved snapchat video I took of my dad (a 52 year old British guy) wearing a big hoodie, my brother’s fitted jeans pulled low, pretending to be a G. A pretty average occurrence in the Smelt household.

Miranda, you had us giggling the entire interview! You are so full of enthusiam and just an asbolute ray of sunshine. We hope you make the most of your final year at this glorious institution!