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Best ways to build memories with your friends

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This semester feels like it has passed faster than ever and with summer coming, everyone is starting to get their spirits up again. With this speedy semester though, it feels like I only have so many days left with all my friends at school before I head back home, and that’s kind of the reality once it starts to get nicer out. There are only so many days in the school year and I know I want to make the most of these last few weeks with my roommates and school friends. To make the most of the next couple of weeks, here are a few of my go-to’s to have the best nights with your friends.

Family dinner

If you and your roommates typically eat on your own and do your own meals, it can be super fun to do a family dinner night where you all cook a nice meal together and sit down and eat together, just like you would at home with your family. Cooking and spending time together in such a casual environment is a great way to bond and make cute memories together.

Movie/show night

My roommates and I love reality TV in probably a mildly unhealthy way, but it’s so much fun being able to sit down and watch shows and movies together; in my opinion, it’s more fun than watching it by yourself. It’s nice to have people to freak out with when something crazy happens and it also super relaxing to be able to sit down and do something that doesn’t really require any brain power.


A little healthy competition with your friends is a great way to make your evening more fun. Recently my friends and I did a challenge we saw on TikTok where three people bake a cake together but one person can’t hear, one person can’t see and one person can’t speak and you have to try to work together to make the cake. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a really long time. There are so many of these challenges on TikTok and I so recommend trying some of them cause they create such core memories for you and your friends.

Wine night

Wine nights are my favourite. It’s a time for you to lay around and talk and laugh and cry. Some of my favourite memories and videos throughout the university have been the result of a wine night. Getting together with your girls and having a night to yourselves where nothing else matters is so great for creating long-lasting memories with the people who mean the most to you.

Karaoke night

I absolutely love to sing. I am awful at it but I love it. Screaming out early 2000s music is one of my favourite things to do and my friends and I love to do karaoke nights to let our inner singers free. Whether you go to a karaoke bar or perform at home, it’s so much fun. A few weeks ago, to make karaoke night more interesting, my friends and I did one where rather than the person singing being able to see the lyrics, the people watching were the ones who could see the lyrics. The person singing then had to perform whatever they thought was right and it was hilarious. We recorded all of our performances just so we could go back later and watch how badly we did all over again.

Going out

This one is a plain and simple adventure to take with your friends. Pretty basic for most university students, but with the right people, heading out to the bars, clubs or even just to a party can be so much fun. My advice when going out is always to not take anything too seriously. Do whatever you want (but don’t commit a crime or something) and just let loose and have fun. Some of your best memories can come from when you aren’t forcing yourself to act in a certain way, you are just authentically being yourself.

Making long-lasting memories with your friends is part of what university is for. While your degree is important, so is getting out there and meeting new people and building connections with those around you. It sounds totally cliché, but your early 20s really is your time to find yourself and by doing things that make you happy with the people that make you happy, you are already part of the way there.

Allie Lancaster

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Allie is a fourth-year at Wilfrid Laurier University double majoring in Psychology and English. She loves being outside and is a huge fan of hiking, boating and skiing. Some of her other passions include reading, drawing, travelling and her puppy.