The Best Secret Study Spaces on Campus

With exams now underway, finding a quiet space to study can be more important than ever. But, with everyone all trying to study at once, the usual spots can fill up quickly. Through personal experience as a certified nerd, I can safely say that these study spaces have been a major lifesaver for me.

  1. 1. Bricker Academic

    If you want to study on campus, for me there is nowhere better than Bricker. Given that there isn’t a lot of obvious seating around the building, most people don’t opt to venture out to it. That said, there are plenty of empty classrooms that you can easily take over to get some studying done. Since it’s farther off than most of the typical on-campus study spaces, I guarantee you will find some space to call your own. Not to mention the added bonus of snacks, since there are vending machines on the first floor! If you are ever feeling peckish, you can always grab yourself a midnight snack.

  2. 2. DAWB

    This one tends to be a bit busier, but if you are a late-night studier like me it can be pretty great. Academic buildings ‘close’ at midnight so you can’t get in, but if you are already in there no one is going to kick you out. There are plenty of study rooms on various floors that you can take over around 9:00 or 10:00 pm and then stay as long as you please. Before you know it, you will be a regular of this building, and you will be best friends with all the custodial staff! This can be great because they are often really encouraging – I mean, who doesn’t love some positive affirmation when they are emotionally stressed?

  3. 3. Dining Hall

    You may be wondering how the Dining Hall can be a perfect study space. You’re not allowed to bring your bag in, and it always seems to be crowded. Not to mention the fact that if you are not in first year you need to buy yourself in. But wait, hear me out! If you are the kind of person who likes to constantly snack while studying, this is the place for you. During actual exam times, the Dining Hall tends to be less busy and you are allowed to bring in your laptop and books. So, shack up in a corner and enjoy the endless stream of food and coffee while you work over your notes. And if complete silence is not your vibe, this will be a great spot for you, as there is bound to be small chattering going around. 

  4. 4. Academic Classrooms

    A little known fact that I myself didn’t realize until this year is that you can check what classrooms are available on the Laurier website. The Space Availability Tool has been super useful because you can see which rooms have been booked for clubs, and then use the ones that are still available. It's first-come-first-served with this type of studying and takes a little more planning than your usually spontaneous study session, but if you desperately need to escape your roommates or change up your scenery it can be a sanctuary of silence.

No matter if you like complete silence, to snack while you study, or some light background noise, one of these places is sure to do the trick.