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The Best Hobby for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have you been growing restless from spending so many hours locked up in your house? Given that 2020 and the start of 2021 have kept us all inside more than we would like to be, it makes sense that we are all getting a little restless. To combat this restlessness, now might be the time to take up a new hobby. I have come up with suggestions for what type of activity might be best for you, based on your zodiac sign. Even better, all of these suggestions are easy to start, even while in a pandemic.


Aries are fire signs; they are determined and courageous leaders. Often strong-willed and eager to find new adventures, Aries need a hobby that allows them to take on some kind of challenge. Why not break a sweat through dancing? This is a guaranteed way for this fire sign to de-stress and relax. Zumba’s high-energy style is a great way to release negative energy through upbeat dancing.


Tauruses are earth signs; they can be very practical and might enjoy their routines, but they are also often known to be stubborn. Tauruses are creative and have strong voices and opinions. Hobbies that stimulate the senses are ideal for this sign, so something like pottery or gardening where they are able to do hands-on work and see the progress is perfect. 


Geminis are air signs; this means that they quick thinkers who always have a desire to learn more. Their positive energy, coupled with their sharp minds and strong communication skills makes learning a new language the perfect new hobby to start. A Gemini is looking for a hobby where they can show their mental strength and flexibility, which makes learning a new language the ideal hobby. If that isn’t their cup of tea, they can try a book club or another area where they are able to enhance their knowledge socially. 


Cancers are water signs; they are caretakers and feel things very deeply. They are also highly imaginative but like to see immediate results and don’t like waiting to see their finished product. Cancers look for hobbies that they can feel strongly about and that allow them to unleash their creative side. With artistic pursuits in mind, a Cancer might consider taking up photography as their new hobby. After all, it only takes seconds after snapping a picture to see the results, so they have creativity and can see the product almost instantaneously.


Leos are fire signs; they are creative, expressive and tend to have their priorities in order. They can be incredibly passionate about what they are doing and tend to be natural showmen. Leos might look for hobbies that are playful and fun, and what is more fun than a night of karaoke? Even in a pandemic, there are karaoke machines that can be bought in stores and online. This could be a fun hobby for Leos to try with friends or family on a night off.


Virgos are earth signs; they are efficient and typically do well at any task when they apply themselves. They might come across as shy to those they don’t know well or those that they just met, but they certainly don’t shy away from a little bit of hard work. A Virgo might look for a hobby where there is room for study or room to fine-tune the task at hand. What better hobby for a Virgo than baking or cooking? Tweaking a recipe to make the perfect chicken alfredo or the best banana bread is right up their alley. The process will feel rewarding to a Virgo and they will enjoy the feeling they get when they finally perfect it.


Libras are air signs; they are social butterflies with a creative side. They often enjoy maintaining a balance in their lives therefore, they also have a very cooperative nature. Libras tend to look for hobbies that are somewhat aesthetically pleasing, and some places where their gracious nature will be appreciated. Hobbies like attending social clubs or doing volunteer work would be ideal for Libras. Once a Libra finds a worthy cause and a way to help make a difference, there really is no limit to the amount of good they can help do.


Scorpios are water signs; they feel all their emotions very deeply, are multilayered and can be tenacious, but they will approach tasks from an all-or-nothing mindset. They are known to be ambitious and don’t mind helping others when they need it, but they also enjoy having freedom and “me time” every now and again. A Scorpio may look for a hobby that helps them feel in control but still gives them their freedom and a great way to do this is hiking. Retreating to outdoor trails is the perfect hobby for this water sign. A Scorpio’s determination will lead them to persevere until they reach the end of the trail.


Sagittariuses are fire signs; they are adventurous and larger than life. Despite the fact that they are a fire sign and can be adventurous, they also have a rather serene energy to them and tend to make wise decisions after careful considerations. A Sagittarius would likely look for a hobby that they feel is a part of their philosophy and larger-than-life outlook. Writing or blogging might be a great hobby for a Sag since this is all about expressing themselves and their outlook. They could take any path that they want in their writing, and the creative outlook could be a good way for them to voice their larger-than-life opinions.


Capricorns are earth signs; they are hardworking and learn from the challenges they have had to face in the past. Along with being hardworking, Capricorns are extremely self-reliant and are uniquely suited to learning and mastering a craft. A Capricorn is looking for a hobby that is relaxing and doesn’t require too much brain-work since they already do enough of that in their everyday lives. Yoga might be the perfect hobby for a Capricorn to take up, as ultimate relaxation is possible, but if they decide they want to try something a little more difficult, Yoga can offer them more advanced classes and variations as well.


Aquariuses are air signs; they are eccentric and friendly. They can be deep-thinkers and tend to be nonconformists who follow their own path. An Aquarius may look for a hobby that focuses on goal-oriented tasks such as solving puzzles or similar tasks. Puzzles, whether they are digital or not, are a great way to de-stress and tune in to a task that requires their attention. Goal-oriented tasks like puzzles and games require their attention and focus to be only on them, this will prevent an Aquarius from worrying about the struggles they might be facing in their life.


Pisces are water signs; they are caring, creative and willing to sacrifice their needs for their friends. They are always thinking of others and are great at communicating. Their compassionate personalities allow them to tune-in to their surroundings and be present in the space with others. Pisces looks for hobbies that are relaxing in the best sense of that word. Combine this water sign’s artistic abilities with their compassionate nature, and music may just be the best hobby for them. This might mean trying to learn to play a new instrument or writing their own songs. It doesn’t matter how they do it, getting involved with their creative side will help them find a hobby that they enjoy doing.

Trying one of these hobbies might be the way out of the pandemic blues. If you end up trying yours out let me know how it goes!

Rachael Stevens

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Rachael is a fourth-year English major at Laurier, with a double minor in German and psychology.
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