Best Foods to Eat After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Recently, I got my own wisdom teeth removed and it has been quite the ride. I was not happy when I realized half the foods I love to eat couldn’t be eaten for like a week (that’s not that long but I‘m dramatic, okay). I will note: it also didn’t help that I got invited to the movies not too long afterwards! Popcorn? Yeah, keep dreaming pal. Sure, it was a little discouraging, but I soon found out that the good news is there are still so many delicious options you can munch on while you dream of the crunchy, solid food you’re missing out on! 

1. Mashed potatoes 

The first day I got my teeth out I ate so many mashed potatoes it was ridiculous. Mashed potatoes are awesome because even when you can eat solid food, you’d probably still choose these beauties! 

2. Oatmeal

Nutritious and delicious! Oatmeal is the perfect soft food after your wisdom teeth surgery because you barely have to put in any work. Not only that, there are so many flavours, you’ll never get bored! Brown sugar, apple cinnamon, cookies and cream — you name it! 

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is great, again for the minimal effort and the flavours! Plus, it’s a probiotic — that’s got to be good for a quick recovery I would think … right? 

4. Pasta

When my dentist told me I had to eat soft foods for as long as I did I wanted to cry. I couldn’t think of any! Then, he suggested that eating lots of pasta would be a good option and I’m a sucker for pasta! Adding any sauce you want, as long as it’s not too spicy, (that can affect your healing) with one of the many noodle options and you’ve got a multitude of delicious meals ready to go! 

5. Ice cream 

You’re telling me I can lie around and eat ice cream after surgery? That makes it a bit better, I guess (not really, it hurts a lot) but still! As long as there are no sharp pieces and it’s not too cold, go for it! 

7. Eat nothing and cry about all of the solid foods you can’t enjoy 

Oh, am I being dramatic again? Do yourself a favour and don’t watch food videos on Instagram or go anywhere near Tastemade because you’ll see all of those tasty, crunchy treats and curse oatmeal forever. 

8. Soup is your best friend 

The best part about soup is you can honestly throw it in a mug and drink it but still feel somewhat full! Some of my faves are broccoli cheddar and your classic chicken noodle! But the best part again is the number of choices!

9. Applesauce and Pudding 

Remember when you were seven and you opened your lunch-box and were so disappointed when you saw applesauce instead of chocolate pudding? Well, you’ll change your mind now because these two treats are amazing after your surgery! Plus applesauce isn’t all that bad … I guess.

10. Smoothies!

Smoothies are great because you basically beat the system with the whole no solid food rule. Whatever you want just blend it! Although, I would check with your dentist whether or not you’re allowed to use straws! Very important information to know. 
You should obviously check with your dentist if you’re not sure about anything, but this is what really helped me through my wisdom teeth removal! Was I a bit of a drama queen throughout it all? Yes. But that’s because — and I’m not gonna lie to you: it hurts a lot. Power through and you’ll be back to your adorable, not swollen-faced self again! Happy recovery!