The Best Christmas Television Episodes to Procrastinate with This Exam Season

The Office: Season 2 Episode 10 

There is no better distraction than some good quality Michael Scott humour and watching the love between Jim and Pam flourish. 

Community: Season 2 Episode 11

If you haven’t seen this show, make some moves over the holiday break.  This episode is done entirely in stop-motion animation and is totally weird, yet totally awesome. 

The O.C.: Season 1 Episode 13

Until this show, I never knew that I needed Chrismukkah in my life.  One of my all-time favourite series and I still love Seth Cohen.  

Veronica Mars: Season 1 Episode 10

Veronica Mars will spice things up this Christmas.  Nothing says holiday spirit like solving the mysteries of Neptune, California and her love life.  She is the girl we all want to be. 

Parks and Recreation: Season 4 Episode 10

This show has many of us emotionally invested in the humorous lives of its characters, but this episode takes the cake. 

Friends – Season 7 Episode 10

It is not all about Christmas folks, sometimes you need to focus on the Holiday Armadillo and its knowledge of Hanukkah.  

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Season 1 Episode 15

Will reminds us what Christmas is really about, even in the riches of Bel-Air.  

How I Met Your Mother: Season 2 Episode 11

How Lily Stole Christmas is one of my favourite episodes of the series – actually, season 2 and 3 are probably my favourite of the entire show.  This episode is hilarious and Lily is sassy AF.  (Watch the other Christmas episodes from this series, because they’re honestly all awesome.)=

Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 11

Who doesn’t love a little holiday drama? This Upper East side makes all of our lives feel a little bit more normal – and even boring.  

Happy Holidays, you TV fanatics. XOXO Dani