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Modern witchcraft has become more popular ever since TikTok launched. Now, many spiritual junkies use the app to find all kinds of recommendations, from crystals to tarot cards, books and herbs. Some even use the app to begin their spiritual journey.

As Wiccan culture becomes increasingly popular, there have been more guidance books being published for those who are seeking knowledge and insight in leading a modern witchcraft lifestyle. I have put together a list of reading recommendations that are great for those interested in the culture and lifestyle.

For Historical Background and Context

For some historical background, I would recommend Wicca: A Modern Practitioner Guide by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. This is the very first witchcraft-related book that I purchased. I’ve read it more than a few times and sometimes go back to reference the various rituals and spells that it provides. The book provides a deeper understanding of the original roots of the Wicca religion and helps with expanding knowledge of personal growth. This book is a must-have if you have just started to look into the idea of the modern-day practice of witchcraft.

For Crystal Lovers

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is the one crystal book that is my holy grail. This book describes in detail how to find a crystal that your body and mind need. It also explains the various forms of crystals that you can buy, from clusters to tumbles to spheres. Not only does it describe the importance of shape, but it offers insight into caring for your crystals, meditation and integrating crystals into your daily routine. They also offer a smaller version of this book with fewer crystals, but it is still a good reference for a beginner crystal collector.

For Self-Care Rituals

I had to include a book that focused on self-care rituals; I enjoyed The Witch’s Book of Self Care: Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe and Care for Your Body and Spirit by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. This book can be a bit more advanced if you’re not familiarized with common rituals and practices. However, even if you’re new to the practice, this book offers so many different rituals and spells for self-care. Its purpose is to connect you to your higher spirit through connecting you with the earth; this can be done through partaking in specific rituals. P.S the body butter recipe in this book is very soothing and smells great!

For Astrology Lovers

I have been very interested in astrology for a long time and haven’t purchased any books. However, I have two books on my list to purchase. The first is Astrology For Yourself: How To Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart by Demetra George which is a great starter book since it is also a workbook. The great thing about the workbook is that they make you apply the knowledge you learned! The second book, for more advanced astrology lovers, is The Astrology of You and Me by Gary Goldschiender. This book is used as a guide and discusses the various relationships that individuals have, such as co-workers and even romantic partnerships.

Bonus: Beginner Oracle Deck

Oracle decks are very similar to Tarot decks, but I prefer oracle because there are normally fewer cards in the deck. A good practicing deck is Super Attractor: A 52 Card Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein. I have more than a couple of decks, and this is the one I most frequently use since they’re easy to interpret and good for a beginner. The author also sells a separate book to accompany the oracle deck!

Beginning to learn more about the Wicca religion or witchcraft practices can feel like a lot of work. Take your time soaking up the knowledge and practicing the rituals in the books. Remember to rest your body and mind so that you can regain energy to continue your practices. These are great starter books for baby witches and also anyone who is just interested in learning about another spiritual practice. For whichever book you choose to indulge your mind and spirit into, enjoy it!

Ashley Ethier

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Ashley is a third year double major in Sociology and English at Wilfrid Laurier University. In her spare time she enjoys reading, walking her dogs and enjoying the simpler things in life.
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