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We are well into Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor and there’s nothing more fun than watching, or should we say mocking, love take flight with your best gal pals. If you haven’t hosted or attended a Bachelor viewing party, you are seriously missing out. Be sure to try out this routine at your next get together!

The Leaderboard 

Creating a physical leaderboard complete with the contestants’ pictures and bios is a great way to document the season and make predictions. While this is the perfect preseason bonding opportunity for you and your girls, it’s never too late to start now. In my house, my roommates and I all have a front runner, and we take bets on how far each contestant will go. You can’t help but feel a little bad crossing someone out after they’ve been eliminated. But hey, the leaderboard also functions as both makeshift decor and a talking point in an otherwise rundown student house.

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks 

While it may be an unspoken rule that contestants don’t eat the date food, that doesn’t mean that you and your pals also have to go hungry! Now you may be sick of the windmill references already but hang in there, because although we caught a break for now, come fantasy suites we won’t hear the end of it. To mix things up a bit, I suggest serving a baked brie puff pastry pinwheel. This themed dish is really simple to make and will leave your guests feeling super impressed.

A Signature Drink

I never want to see or hear about champagne gate ever again – the second-hand embarrassment is too real! However, I am never one to turn down some bubbles. Champagne and rosé are obvious choices, but creating a signature drink will bring your viewing party to the next level. Try a fun play on words or dedicate an evening to creating a drink inspired by your favourite contestant. This Monday night, I’ll be drinking Tequila Tammys! 

Bach Fitness Challenge 

Wait, so you don’t stuff your face with cheese and down a bottle of wine every Monday night? This is the perfect way to squeeze in some physical exercise when you’ve got two hours to kill. Get your sweat on by coming up with a DIY workout based on the series. Peter kisses someone – ten crunches! One of the ladies complains about not getting enough time – fifteen squats! Someone says a contestant isn’t ready for marriage – thirty second wall sit! The list of exercises and Bachelor clichés are endless. 

Let me know if you try out any of these tips and activities at your next viewing party! I’ll be here waiting for Hannah Brown to return and rescue this season!

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