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Amazon Products to Help You Get Through the Winter Season

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The winter is known as the season of giving. However, picking out the perfect gifts for those special people in your life is stressful and time-consuming. Not only does trying to give great gifts pile on the stress, but winter also brings seasonal depression and your dreaded final exams. All in all, winter is a lot. So, how does a girl who loves online shopping for things she doesn’t need cope? She opens her computer and goes to Amazon.ca, of course. Or, at least, this girl does. Now, while I can’t buy all of these or I would have no money left for Christmas gifts, these are the items I would personally purchase to get through this season.

A feet warmer

I’m someone who always has cold feet, and it’s extremely uncomfortable. No, I’m not recommending the feet warmers you would put in your ski boots when you were little that never worked properly and bunched up. I’m talking about the heavenly heated pouch for your feet to rest in for when you’re studying at your desk. While you might be unprepared for your exam the next day, at least your feet will be warm. The options on Amazon are on the pricier side, but your feet will thank you for the purchase.

An ugly Christmas sweater

While maybe not the most practical purchase, an ugly Christmas sweater is equally as necessary as the other items on this list. If you aren’t in the festive spirit, at least you can look like you are. Amazon carries many variations of the ugly Christmas sweater, with my personal favourites I found while browsing being one with a cat in boxing gloves breathing fire, Santa riding a dinosaur (also breathing fire and wearing slices of pizza as skis), a Santa cat with abs lifting weights and a collage of bulldogs with Santa hats. Guaranteed, these sweaters will not only make you the life of any Christmas party but will also be a great conversation starter.  

A mini projector

Okay, this one is also expensive, but it really is great. There’s no better feeling than running around, being out in the cold and/or studying all day, and then showering and settling into bed with a bowl of popcorn and your projector playing your favourite holiday movie. This purchase is not only appreciated in the winter but can also be useful for projecting exam review sessions for you and your friends, or even Bachelor nights so you can see all the drama magnified.

A new moisturizer

As the weather dips below zero and snow is everywhere, your skin becomes dry, flakey and cracked. You aren’t going to go out in the freezing air without a coat, so you need to protect your skin just the same. Amazon has some great, low-cost options, but my go-to is the tub of CeraVe Moisturizing Cream which is thick enough to moisturize and soothe your dry skin, but light enough to avoid looking and feeling greasy.

Ultimately, while these products won’t cure your seasonal depression, or make you ace your exams, they might make these things just a bit more manageable. Happy shopping everyone!

Kate Price

Wilfrid Laurier '26

Kate is a business administration (BBA) student at Wilfred Laurier University. While business has always been what she wanted to study, she has a passion for writing about all things beauty, pop culture, true crime, and health and wellness. You can usually find Kate watching a new Netflix documentary or hanging out with her two dogs, Mabel and Gracie.
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