All-Girls Schools: Busting Three Popular Misconceptions

I went to an all-girls high school, I survived and I would do it again.  

I really liked high school, because for me that was where I met some of the best people I know and where I felt most secure in my life.  I constantly lived in this indestructible bubble that kept me sheltered from the real world.  

People have preconceived notions about what going to an all-girls school is like, and more than half of the time they are never right.  In this article, I’ll be going over three of the biggest myths related to all-girls schools and debunking each one of them.

We have never seen a boy – like ever! 

A lot of people assume that girls who didn’t go to a co-ed school have never seen or spoken to a member of the male species.  I can’t even begin to describe everything that is wrong with that thought.  Most of the girls I went to school with had family members, co-workers and significant others that were boys.  Going to an all-girls school does not mean that you won’t interact with boys who are your age.  In fact, it’s pretty drama free when your boyfriend or crush doesn’t go to your school because then nobody else — other than you — can call dibs on him. 

All-girls schools have spontaneous uniforms 

I wish that my school had incorporated kilt skirts into our uniform guide, but sadly all we had were hideous pants and walking shorts.  We could only wish that we could accessorize our school blazers with stunning bowties as Blair Waldorf did. Private schools come with a strict dress code that we aren’t allowed to break without there being some heavy consequences. We would, however, find ways to work around the dress code, whether it be through wearing different sweaters on top of our golf shirts or claiming to be sick so that we didn’t have to remove our cute jackets.  ​
There’s a lot of drama 

There’s a common misconception that all-girls schools have more drama because of the sheer number of girls.  Again, this another myth that I will have to debunk.  All-girls schools have just as much drama as a regular high school. In my experience, my graduating class only had two real fights throughout the four years that ever escalated into something big.  Even those two fights were later mocked for being ridiculous. By the end of grade 12, nobody could be bothered with pointless drama because everyone just wanted to graduate with good memories of each other. Believing that girls cannot get along with each other actually promotes that unhealthy idea that women can’t be friends with other women. 

Now while there may be a hundred — or even a million — more myths that people believe about all-girls schools, they are probably not at all true.  All-girls schools empower young women to be their best self.  

Basically, the point to be made is that all-girls schools are nothing like what you might see in the movies.  They are actually quite different from that. All-girl schools aren’t all that bad and it’s time that people stop believing the rumours and myths surrounding this topic.