Adorable and Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts for your Partner

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and deciding the perfect gift can be a tedious task. What’s something other than a basic box of chocolates and red roses you can give to your partner? Well, look no further, as here is a list of a few cute ideas to gift your partner this year.

Matching Rings

Rings are the perfect romantic gesture on Valentine's day, but matching rings takes that level of romance up a notch. Many small businesses on Etsy offer adorable and simple rings with engraved initials. Grab your partner a cute everyday ring with your initials on them and support a small business too!

Embroidered Hoodies

It’s getting chilly with winter in Canada so grab your partner a hoodie of your choice and a needle and a thread and get to sewing. Wordans (online store) offers cheap cozy hoodies in a range of colours. Embroidering is simple and there are many tutorials online too. A cute idea is to embroider your initials on the sleeve of your partner’s hoodie. This is a cozy, customized gift that you can make for yourself too!

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? These are super easy to make and can be packaged adorably. Stores like Dollar Tree and Michaels offer cute Valentine's boxes and packaging. All you'll need is berries, chocolate, a box and muffin liners and voila, you got yourself a super tasty gift. Check out some great tutorials for chocolate-covered strawberries on YouTube as well for some berry cute inspo.

Open When Letters

These are the ultimate gift to really let your partner know how much you love them. Grab some cute stationery from your favorite art supplies store or The Dollar Store and get to writing. Some great topics include “Open When You Miss Me” or “Open When You Need to Smile”. You can also search up topics when you need some ideas. These letters are especially perfect for long-distance couples and can be further personalized with a lipstick print or a spritz of your perfume/cologne.

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t need to be hard to choose or even harder on your wallet. Hopefully, these ideas will show your partner exactly how much you love them!