Add Colour to your World with these Spring Décor DIYs

Spring has sprung and classes are almost over! What better way to hop into spring than to work on some cute DIY decor projects? Spruce up your room with these simple crafts.

Tye Dye Flower Pots

These colorful flowerpots are a super simple and cute way to brighten up your living space! First, paint your flowerpots completely white using spray paint. Collect some of your favorite colored nail polish that you want to put on the pot. Fill up a bowl of room temperature water, and pour a little bit of each nail polish one by one into the bowl. Then, take your flowerpot and dip the flowerpot about an inch or two into the water. The polish creates a colorful design along the bottom of the pot. Let it dry for a couple of hours and then add some pretty flowers or fake plants into the pots and put them out on display!

Decorated Mugs 

This DIY is so easy. Simply buy a white mug from your local dollar store and then, using a permanent marker, create any design you want! Throw some fake flowers in the mug or basically anything you want for decoration. It is super simple, yet it looks great sitting on a desk or table as a display piece.

Glitter Mason Jars 

We absolutely love these glitter mason jars. They look fancy, yet are amazingly easy to make. First, using a sponge brush, cover the entire outside of the jar with mod podge. Next, pour your choice of colored glitter all over the jar.  Let it dry for a couple hours and then toss in whatever you please! To add a little more color, you can always glue little flowers around the rim of the jar for an extra cute effect.

Floral Monogram Letter

Go to your local craft store and grab a large cardboard or wooden letter. Pick up some fake flowers from the dollar store and cut off the stems. Then, use a glue gun and carefully glue down each flower until eventually the letter is completely covered. This creates a beautiful floral wall piece to hang in your room!

Tye-Dye Ombre Throw Pillows 

Spice up those boring white throw pillows with a bright and colorful tie-dye ombre effect! Pick up some tie-dye kits from Walmart or another craft store.  Pour the dye onto the bottom of the pillow, and concentrate the color. Slowly push the color upwards on the pillow to create the ombre effect. Let it dry for a couple of hours and they’ll be ready to go. Toss these on your bed or couch for an instant spring décor!

We hope you enjoy these fun, bright colored DIYs! They will bring life to any room and totally transform your living space for spring.