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8 Tips on Making Your Photos Instagram Worthy

Do you spend hours scrolling through gorgeous Instagram photos and find yourself wondering if yours will ever look that good? We know how tricky it can be to compete with the professionals, so here are some tips and tricks on how to take awesome Instragram photos with your phone! Also, check out our article on the Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

1. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make your photo that much better. When taking a photo, make sure to take it in sunlight as it gives a better image than artificial light. If you are taking the photo inside, make sure you do it in a room with lots of windows. If the lighting sucks, make sure to edit it and either brighten it, or put it in black and white to give it a cool vibe.

2. Editing Tools

There is a large variety of editing tool applications on different operating systems. Our favourite is VSCO Cam, it is used by many photographers when capturing their photos. Other editing tools we love are Snapseed and Picfx. Check them out!

3. Be Yourself

When taking photos, it is important to be yourself and to reflect who you are. You will have followers who want to see what little things in life bring you joy, and your feed will be a million times better when people know you put your heart into it.

4. Staging and Background

All those loved Instagram accounts that you follow, they have a big secret; they stage. Often, they spend lengthily amounts of time moving objects or people around to create the most eye-pleasing photo. Always remember that less is more; a simplistic approach with blank backgrounds and de-cluttered areas is way more appealing.

5. Focus and Keep Steady

When taking a photo, it is of great importance to make sure you have a steady hand and have tapped that screen to create a focus on an area of your photo. A blurry photo is a disaster when you have worked so hard to stage the perfect shot.

6. Straighten Up

Make sure your photos are leveled and straight. If you are unable to create a leveled photo, toss it in an editing app and adjust it; it will make everything on your feed look more together and symmetrical.

7. Take a Lot of Photos

I know we said less is more, but when taking photos this is definitely not the case. Be picture happy because you will never know what angle or lighting you like the most, so give yourself options by taking an abundance of photos. Think of it as a mini photo shoot!

8. The Perfect Caption

Make it come from your heart, and don’t over think it. Quotes that you love, something that someone just said, or basically state what is happening in the photo.

We know that if you follow these tricks your Instagram will be looking shiny and new and will make you proud of sharing your awesome photos! Happy Instagramming Golden Hawks!

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