7 Stay-At-Home Date Ideas

Disclaimer: These dates can all be done over zoom calls or postponed to when you are able to see your partner again if you do not live with them or are not seeing them due to COVID-19. These dates are not just for you and your significant other, as they can also be for you and your best friend – don’t forget about Galentine’s day!

As Valentine’s day slowly approaches, I was beginning to think of how I was going to celebrate my first Valentine’s day in five years not being single. I know Valentine’s day can be cheesy and is looked at as a consumerist holiday to some, but hey, it’s Valentine’s day! This is a year we all have no choice but to get creative with our loved ones. So, if you are looking for fun and safe dates during these COVID-times, I have compiled a list of stay-at-home date ideas just for you!

1. Fort Night (Not the Video Game)

For this date, you will need plenty of pillows and blankets (bonus if you have Christmas lights). Build a blanket fort either together or as a surprise and have a laptop or TV inside to watch your favorite movies. If you are using zoom, individually make your own forts and use Teleparty for the movie while imagining (mentally) you are cuddling. To add to the night, order some matching Valentine’s day PJs! I just ordered the cutest pairs of heart boxers from American Eagle for me and my partner and I highly recommend them. Most importantly, grab your favorite snacks, maybe a home-made charcuterie board or chocolate-covered strawberries with some wine, and have a cozy, cuddly fort night.

2. Paint Date

A quick dollar store run or Instacart delivery for some paint supplies and you have a full date night! Put your favorite music on and enjoy each other’s company while painting side by side (or side by side virtually). Follow a Bob Ross tutorial or try and paint each other! I also found a website called paintedmemory.co where you can order a custom paint by numbers kit and together paint a picture of the two of you!

3. Have a Cook-Off

To start, you must decide on a dish to cook. It can be the same meal or different meals. After cooking, you switch plates and enjoy the dish your partner made. Virtually, you both choose a dish and enjoy each other’s company on zoom while cooking and eating together!

4. Themed Dinner

For the themed dinner date, you must decide on a country or movie to dedicate the night to. So, for example, you can choose Spain as your country and spend the night making paella with sangria or you can choose a movie like Ratatouille and try and recreate its famous dishes. If you’re a Potterhead, this is a perfect excuse to make some butterbeer. As you all know, we are not allowed to go to restaurants right now so try and make the dining experience exactly like a restaurant! Set up the dining table for some fine dining, dress up in some clothes that you haven’t in months and enjoy cooking and eating together!

5. Post-COVID Planning

This can be super fun if you’ve got the travel bug, which I am sure many of us do at this point. Spend the night planning your next trip together for when COVID-19 (finally) leaves us alone. Do some research on where to stay and eat and how much it would cost.

6. Dollar Store Date Night

If you have Tik Tok, I’m sure you’ve seen this date idea before. Either take a quick trip to the dollar store or order your items through Instacart (or another delivery app)! You and your partner each buy the other an item they would like, according to these categories:

  • Favorite color
  • Favorite snack
  • Favorite drink
  • Something that reminds you of them
  • Something they need

Then say the categories out loud and exchange the cute little gifts. To do this virtually, either drop the items outside of their house or order the items to their door!

7. Online Game and Quiz Night

Make a Kahoot with only questions about yourself and have your partner try and answer them! This can also become a drinking game and can easily be done over zoom with the screen-share option. PowerPoint presentations are also another idea to do with each other. The presentations can be about anything or, staying with the Valentine’s day theme, something like “All The Reasons Why I Love You.”  Finally, to end the night, you can take personality tests together, something like the love language quiz would be perfect for Valentine’s day.

Hopefully, one of these ideas will be perfect for you and your partner or you and your best friend!