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7 Hobbies to Try During COVID

Being stuck in quarantine has driven me crazy for the last couple of months! After weeks of absolute boredom and unproductivity, I decided to try some new activities to occupy my time. Picking up hobbies can be great for one’s mental health as it can reduce stress, as well as gives you purpose and a productive lifestyle. With university life getting the best of students, I strongly believe having a creative outlet will allow for relaxation as well as self-discovery.

1. Baking

Though some people believe baking means dealing with burnt edges, expensive ingredients and bad recipes, I believe baking is being able to express knowledge, cultural experiences and precision in a simple, yet extraordinary dessert. Baking improves my mood, eases my stress and has an overall positive impact on my happiness and creative expression. Food is known to fill voids in everyone’s hearts, and the entire baking process comforts and excites me, especially when I am able to enjoy the finished outcome.

2. Writing

As a new writer myself, I love the idea of being able to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions with others and for myself. Using bullet journals or personal blogs can be great ways to keep track of mental or physical health progressions as well as learn some organizational skills. Journaling can also be a great technique in boosting motivation, and it will help to take charge of a lengthy to-do list, while also releasing some of your creative energy. Personally, writing has encouraged me to keep going, as well as find a visual tool to explain my thoughts and feelings.

3. Art

As a visual person, having the chance to express my feelings with and without words is equally important. Drawing, painting or sketching can be relaxing yet challenging and can allow people to explore their creative side. I feel it is a way to let go of all of the criticism and negativity that one receives. Additionally, I have also developed a strong liking for calligraphy, as lettering and supplies are very affordable. Not only is it exciting and meditative, but it’s also lots of fun!

4. Gardening

Over the summer, I liked to grow my own fruits and vegetables as I found it comforting and exciting to nurture a plant and watch it grow with the effort and care I put into it. I have noticed that gardening significantly improved my mood and allowed me to create a plan to get the best quality foods to enjoy. With the weather getting colder, I began creating a greenhouse and am excited about the fresh fruits and vegetables that will continue to be available right at my fingertips.

5. Hiking

Being able to go outside and enjoy nature while exploring is a great way to reduce stress and soothe yourself. With COVID-19 still at large, hiking alone can be an enlightening and enriching experience. Not only is it a nice workout, but it is also a great break to clear one’s mind and soothe feelings of anxiety or stress. Moreover, hiking has opened my mind to an adventurous and calming experience, while enhancing my happiness and the ability to reflect on my attitude and perspective.  

6. Yoga

With many gyms closed and physical distancing measures in place, for some people, taking care of one’s physical health is just as important as taking care of their mental health. Yoga and meditation can be calming or sweat-inducing, which can be great heart rate boosters and anxiety relievers. Though it is not guaranteed that everyone will come out of an exercise feeling recharged and renewed, from personal experience, I can speak to the fact that it has helped me sleep better and alleviate stress.

7. Learn a new language

Though learning a new language can be challenging and overwhelming, it is exciting to plan for future travel plans. With travelling restrictions in place, I can’t wait to hop on a plane and travel to a new destination. With that eagerness and enthusiasm in mind, it has created a sort of passion and influence to gain some more knowledge. Along with this, I strongly think that developing a basic knowledge of ASL is extremely important and can change people’s perspective on what it means to be inclusive.

Thanks for reading! I hope you try some of these hobbies and activities over the next couple of months in order to reduce boredom and increase motivation.