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7 Delicious Peanut/Nut Free Snacks You Can’t Get Enough Of

If you have an allergy to peanuts or nuts, you will know the struggle of always having to check the list of ingredients before indulging in your food of choice. Maybe you don’t have an allergy, but ALWAYS have to be on the lookout for that one friend who often forgets that one bite of the wrong thing will lead to the dreaded epipen. Whatever the case is, being more familiar with what is safe to eat is important for not only one’s personal well-being, but is also a way to help make those who care about someone more comfortable with their food choices. The following seven items are not only peanut and nut free, but are also mouth-watering snacks!



Wow Butter

As a child, your friends probably talked about the “famous” peanut butter and jam sandwich their mom made for them on the weekend. Wow Butter is a roasted soybean spread that looks, and to be honest, TASTES better than peanut butter. Wow Butter pair’s great with apple slices, on bread with jam, mixed in a smoothie, or ultimately with anything as simple as one spoonful. WOW Butter is a superb substitute to peanut butter, which allows everyone to make the glorious PB&J sandwich.


Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

When the holiday’s come around, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or graduation, a box of chocolates is the perfect gift. But, who knows what nuts may lurk within a box of chocolates. That is, unless they’re Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, which are all produced in a completely nut-free facility, so there’s no risk of cross-contamination. This allows everyone to indulge in some creamy, delicious squares of chocolate. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate…one of the best food groups.


Chapman’s Ice cream

On those hot, sunny, summer days, a scoop of ice cream (or maybe even a bucket) is always enjoyable. Chapman’s Ice cream makes peanut/nut free ice cream for everyone to enjoy with an assortment of 15 different flavours to choose from. Not only do they have ice cream, but they also have other frozen peanut/nut free treats to enjoy on those hot summer days!


Skeeter Chocolate Chip Cookies

A giant cookie is always something everyone wants to enjoy. Skeeters chocolate chip cookies are not only made and packaged in a peanut/nut free facility, but can also be paired perfectly with Chapman’s ice cream to make a homemade ice cream sandwich. If you’re not in the mood for an ice cream sandwich, these cookies are scrumptious enough to eat on their own.


Everyone loves cereal, especially Nesquik. This is an underrated peanut/nut free cereal that allows you to indulge in those small, chocolate puffballs of greatness! Once milk is added to your Nesquik, a chocolaty milk substance is instantly created, which further adds to your chocolate addiction. Nesquik is a substitution for Reece’s Puffs, as Reece’s Puffs are not peanut/nut free. With this, you are still able to enjoy the texture and look of little chocolate puffs of what we consider pure gold. This cereal is so good you can indulge in it for all meals of the day.


Made Good Granola Bars

There is a large variety of peanut/nut free granola bars to choose from, however, Made Good granola bars are not only peanut/nut free, but are also food sensitive to 7 other allergies: wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. Plus, these granola bars are also vegan, which is unheard of for many snacks. In this small, compact granola bar, you are able to taste and enjoy one of the best portable snacks packed with a wealth of nutrition and flavour.



Dunkaroos are a nostalgic snack that bring us back to our childhood days. Whether you were a dunker, or would eat the Dunkaroo first and save the icing until the end, Dunkaroos satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth. Fortunately, Dunkaroos are a peanut/nut free delicious snack, and it is safe to say they MADE our childhood.


Coming from someone who is severely allergic to peanuts, and someone who has no allergies at all, it is important to inform readers that yes, there are snacks out there that are both delicious and peanut/nut free. If you have an allergy or not, these are great snacks to try, and you won’t have to worry about who you are eating them around. Ultimately, if the situation ever arises where someone is having an allergic reaction, always remember the following rule when using an epipen: BLUE TO THE SKY, ORANGE TO THE THIGH.



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