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6 Date Ideas to Get You Back in the Game

Welcome back to campus, collegiettes! It’s the New Year, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Shy glances have begun to linger, texts with your crush have been hinting at something more, and you are seriously starting to wonder whether or not the flirtatious barista at Starbucks is single. Ladies, it’s time bring out the showstoppers, because dating season has officially begun! Why try to reserve a spot for two in a crowded café? There is definitely a fine line between intimate and suffocating. That is why we have compiled a list of a few great date ideas to keep the conversation going and bring you two closer together.

The Pool Hall: Up for a game of billiards? Here’s an opportunity to show off your pool skills. Don’t have any? That’s fine – we’re sure your date will be willing to give you a free lesson.

Quick tip: if you’re good at something, show it off and never hold back. Confidence is sexy. 

A Walk Through Winter Wonderland: Starbucks and Christmas lights, has there ever been a better night? Forget dinner and a movie; grab a coffee and take a walk through Uptown and Waterloo Park with your date. Admire the lights, and learn more about your new guy. You may even pick out a few places along the way that you’d like to visit on your next date.

Trivia Night: Have fun, get tipsy, and test each other’s knowledge. Trivia is a fun way to spend time with that ‘possibly-maybe special someone’, and a great way to chill with a friend. If things don’t work out, at least you’ll have a great trivia partner for Wilf’s Trivia night every Wednesday! 

Restaurant Hopping: This is an opportunity to discover both the city and its great locally owned restaurants, an excellent idea for the foodie duo. Here’s a secret winner: dinner at Jane Bond Café, whiskey at DVLB and churros at Taco Farm. You can thank us later.

Ice Skating: We hope you didn’t forget your skates at home, ladies. Waterloo Square and City Hall both have sizable rinks, excellent for some late-night recreational skating. 

Rock Climbing: Strap on those belts. Grand River Rocks in Kitchener offers both bouldering and classic rock climbing. This is a great date to get active and show just how spontaneous you can be. 

There you have it, six great date ideas to keep you in the game during this year’s dating season. Have some recommendations? Let us know on Twitter! (@HerCampusWLUCA)!

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Chasya Dove

Wilfrid Laurier

English and Communications student at Wilfrid Laurier University with a passion for my city. Discovering Waterloo, ON has become my hobby from music festivals, arts shows, local restaurants and hidden coffee spots this place has got it all! With my passion for photography I strive to capture the moment, while learning that sometimes it's best to just let things be.
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