The 5 Worst Ways to Execute Your Break Up

Looking for a quick fix to get out of summer fling, or even a serious relationship? SIKE, not going to find it here. These are the five worst ways to execute your break up! So lets face it, you’re not into it anymore, and you probably had these ideas running through your head. This is the time your precious bubble will be burst and need to revaluate life.  From lukewarm to scolding hot, here are the worst ways to be executing your break up.

1. Facetime

Let’s face it, whether pixelated or in HD, getting broken up via iPhone still sucks. Even though you think you are dodging the “coward” or “insensitive” label, you were still that much of a whimp to end things with the significant other.  

2. The Bus Stop

Okay, so you thought you could make a full stop on this relationship while picking them up at the bus stop.  You’re probably thinking that you’re saving them the heartbreak and clearing up their schedule. News flash: after a 2hr+ ride being stuck on the bus from school, your warm embrace is all they are thinking about?!

3. Your Spot

So you’re probably thinking, why not go to our spot? It’s comfortable, it won’t be alarming, and they wouldn’t suspect anything out of it… EARTH TO HUMAN BEING, THAT’S EXACTLY WHY! Within the span of your relationship you not only have grown attached to the person, but also locations. If you truly care about the person, you wouldn’t want them worked up and excited to see you within dynamic that you two have shared. 

4. From a Friend

“Hey, I’ve noticed they have been distant with me; is there something going on?”  In the words of Aubrey Drake Graham, “Don’t do it please don’t do it, cause if one of us goes in then we all go through it.” All Drake references aside, don’t be the messy coward in the relationship.  Even though you might have found “the love of your life” at a kegger at homecoming, and they are now mixed in with the friend group, remember who and what you have back at home.  Make the decision and don’t let your friends to be responsible to pick up the pieces. Remember you and your partner should be aware of what’s happening in your relationship.

5. At the Dinner Table

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory: nobody wants that wishbone in the hand of an angry ex significant other. They have probably planned for weeks in advance what outfit would go well with Sperry’s and the perfect dessert that is suitable for everyone dietary restrictions.  Remember that no one likes their turkey with a side of heartache and embarrassment, so give them respect and treat your breakup accordingly. The only one that is allowed to whimper and feel uncomfortable is the dog that is begging for that stuffing underneath the table.

Well, we all know digesting a breakup is harder than digesting your Aunt’s macaroni pie. Remember, in a relationship, nothing is definitive or scientific. Life is a feeling process so do what feels right to you. We only ask that you keep in mind the boy you borrowed the letterman sweater from, and the girl you would bring her favourite flowers to her to make her smile. Breakups are never easy, but they should never be handled with fear.