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5 Small Businesses That Will Help You Boost Your Accessory Game

I’m a big fan of shopping small – it’s a great way to justify my spending habits! These days, there are so many creative entrepreneurs out there, that shopping small is actually way more satisfying and exciting than buying from larger brands.

On a more serious note, hard-working small businesses have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of lockdowns, as markets and festivals would normally be a big draw of revenue. In order to keep these businesses afloat, it’s important we shop small as much as possible.

One of my favourite products to buy when shopping small is accessories because it’s a great way to personalize an outfit. When you’re shopping small everything is handmade, meaning you’ve gotten something one-of-a-kind. What a great way to stand out from the crowd! In the spirit of supporting small businesses, here are five of them which have caught my eye with their unique accessories.

Handmade by Meech

Handmade by Meech is a shop owned by Laurier sudent Taylor Meechan that sells scrunchies and apparel. She got her start selling scrunchies in a variety of patterns on Instagram, but has since moved her storefront to Etsy, where she has made almost 400 sales since November 2020.  She expanded her shop in January 2021 to include apparel, while still offering the scrunchies that I can’t help but love. I think I have at least 10 scrunchies from Handmade by Meech so far and they’re all amazing, so I 100% recommend checking out this shop!

Isa’s Clay

Making polymer clay earrings has become incredibly popular over the past year with many picking up the skill during quarantine, including Isabelle of Isa’s Clay. This shop offers handcrafted earrings designed and constructed by Isabelle herself, so you know you’re getting something special when you order from her. She’s got a huge variety of collections ranging from fun imprinted patterns to terrazzo designs to a sunflower collection; also, she makes earrings in many different shapes and styles. With so much variety, it would be impossible to look at her shop and not find something that suits your personal style! If you’re in the market for new earrings, you need to visit the Isa’s Clay website.

Lucky Bear

Lucky Bear is a one-of-a-kind shop owned by Jill Harrison. This store sells a variety of whimsical and quirky products, including earrings and necklaces. My personal favourite in her shop has to be the earrings of snakes wearing cowboy hats – they are so fun and unique, they are without a doubt a major conversation starter. There are also some adorable cow-print designs and candy-coloured hoops amongst the variety of playful accessories. If you’re not afraid of a bold accessory, you should check out Lucky Bear!

Sweetly Seamed

This small business is a great one to support if you are passionate about sustainability. Sweetly Seamed, owned by Leah Dallaire, sells upcycled clothing and accessories. Many of Leah’s products are matching top and scrunchie sets, made by cropping thrifted shirts and using the excess fabric for the scrunchie. In addition to those matching sets, she sells individual scrunchies, face masks and scrunchie crowns – a scrunchie-headband combo that I just can’t get enough of.

Clay Sistas

Sister duo Julia and Emily have teamed up to create Clay Sistas, a shop that makes polymer clay accessories. They’ve made hair clips in the past, but what I really love most about their shop is the stunning earrings. Clay Sistas makes both statement and smaller earrings, meaning there’s something for everyone. I’ve previously ordered a pair of gorgeous stained glass dangle earrings and a stud pack from this shop and can attest to the quality of their work. You can really tell that a lot of passion goes into each piece!

The pandemic has made shopping small more important than ever, and there is no shortage of shops deserving of your business. If you’re in the market for some new accessories, spend your money supporting a small business and know that you’re getting incredible products while also making someone’s day.

Rebecca is in her 5th year at Wilfrid Laurier University.  During the school year, she can be found drinking copious amounts of kombucha, watching hockey and procrastinating on Pinterest. She joined HCWLU as an editor in the Winter 2018 semester, and after serving as one of the Campus Correspondents in 2019-20, she is excited to be returning for the 2020-21 school year! she/her