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I currently own four, soon to be five, pairs of Crocs. Yes, while writing this article I became inspired and ended up ordering the pair I have wanted for a while now (sorry mom and dad!). If you don’t own a pair of Crocs, be warned, you might want to after reading this article…

1. You Can Keep It Casual or Sporty

You can’t go wrong with having sport mode and leisure mode all in one shoe! Casually taking a walk? Just slip them on! Might need to run? Simply put down the back for extra security! *sport mode activated*

2. They Are SO Easy to Clean

Classic Crocs are super durable and easy to wash since they’re waterproof, and their holes makes them easy to air out. No more smelly feet or shoes for the win! Oh, and did I mention just how long they last? I have had one pair of Crocs since I started swimming courses at 13 that lasted through multiple years on deck teaching swimming and lifeguarding – and they still look brand new!

3. You Won’t Believe How Many Colours and Patterns They Come In…

The Crocs website boasts 19+ colours available for the classic clog. This isn’t even including the patterned Crocs with cheetah print, tie-dye, flowers, camo and anything else you could possibly imagine. There’s basically a Croc colour or pattern for any occasion, outfit or mood!

4. One word… Jibbitz!

You can further customize your Crocs with Jibbitz! Jibbitz are charms that you can pop in the holes of your Crocs to make your shoes your own. Even cooler is how Jibbitz’s potential was discovered when the founder of Crocs saw a girl wearing her own that she had created. Check out the story below if you’re interested!

The creation of Jibbitz

5. Your Fav Celebs Are Already Rockin’ Them

Crocs can be seen on red carpets, at movie premiers and A-list parties.

Ariana Grande was spotted sporting the classic Croc and sock combo back in September of 2019! Some celebs, like country star Luke Combs and legendary artist Post Malone, even collaborated with Crocs to release their own limited-edition designs! Other collaborations include one with Drew Barrymore in 2018, and one with Zooey Deschanel.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas also started a campaign with UNICEF and Crocs to provide about 50,000 shoes to kids in need; recognizing that their durability, reliability and comfort could benefit the children she frequently saw with rundown (or no) shoes.

Crocs are multi-purposeful, durable, unique and loved by many! After all, Crocs seriously rock! So, what are you doing? Go grab a pair if you don’t already have one… or add even more to your collection! Or better yet, donate a pair to Soles4Soles at https://www.soles4souls.org!

Keep Crockin’ on!

Samantha Zani

Wilfrid Laurier '22

Samantha Zani is a third year student at Wilfrid Laurier University double majoring in history and North American studies. Samantha is the Wilfrid Laurier Her Campus Events Director for the 2020-2021 school year. When she isn’t busy studying you can find her watching Raptors games or reading a new book. Sam loves lists, iced coffee and vanilla candles.
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