3 Winter Boots Your Mom Won't Have to Force You to Wear

We all know how parents (moms especially) get about making sure we are always dressed warm and bundled up from head to toe in the winter. At times, they can get a little outrageous and want us to wear things that aren’t exactly stylish. I’m sure we all have vivid memories of parkas resembling the Michelin man, big clunky winter boots, and scarves so big we could hardly see. All jokes aside, we have to appreciate the fact our moms and dads want us to be warm and protected in the winter months. We are now old enough to understand where their concern was coming from – but we can follow their wise words while being a little bit more fashionable. We can look trendy while also giving our parents the peace of mind that we will be warm and cozy all winter long. 

1. The classic UGG

A lot of people love these boots, and a lot of people don’t.  Regardless of what you may think about their appearance, they are actually super warm. UGG boots have made their way over from Australia and have been extremely popular the past couple of years worldwide. If you’re looking for a simple, slip on and go winter boot, these are perfect. Just make sure you spray them with a suede protector so that the winter conditions don’t damage the exterior of the boots!


2. The oh-so-popular Hunter boots 

I don’t exactly know how these boots appeared on everyone’s feet in a matter of a few months, but it happened. I myself have a pair of these boots along with about 75% of the other girls on our campus. I love these boots. They’re perfect for puddle jumping, and guess what, they can work in the winter too! Last year I bought a pair of cozy socks to put in my Hunters and they did an amazing job of keeping my feet warm. These are awesome for running around in the wintertime. For spending an excessive amount of time in the snow I would go with a heavy duty winter boot instead, but for the most part these are great. The boots without a sock are really not that warm, so I would definitely recommend getting the Hunter socks. The best part is that they have a ton of different colors, styles, and designs to choose from!


3. Serious winter boot 

This is yet another UGG product that ranks based solely on the fact that I am in love with these winter boots. The only downfall is that they cost almost $300. That is not a price students like to see. Maybe one day I will be able to splurge on these babies, but for now the best option is the Sorel style of the same boot. Sorel boots are extremely durable, and a highly trusted brand for winter boots. They are a very similar style, but with a much more affordable price tag. Both the UGG boots and the Sorel boots are completely insulated, waterproof, warm, and totally cute. These boots are perfect for spending long periods of time outside, so get out there and make a snowman!

Hopefully these boots make winter a little more enjoyable for those of us who have a hard time accepting the freezing snow!!