3 Simple Solutions to Under Eye Bags

The post-midterm season is the perfect time to catch up on sleep and re-group for next month’s deadlines and final exams. During this busy time of year, a normal sleep pattern is often pushed aside and as a result bags start to find permanent residency under our eyes. If you find yourself constantly on the go and need a quick fix to a relentless sleepy look, here are three easy and simple ways to quickly brighten up! 

Coffee Popsicles

If you can’t catch up on your rest, a caffeinated beverage is a go-to source of energy. However, caffeine also contains anti-inflammatory elements. The cosmetic market is no stranger to products that contain caffeine, so instead of testing product after product, go straight to the source. Make a pot of coffee, let it cool, and then pour it into an ice cube tray. Place the tray in the freezer, wait about two hours before the coffee has completely frozen, and place popsicle sticks into each cube. Leave the tray in the freezer to allow the cubes to completely freeze. Start out the next day by popping out a coffee popsicle and alternate holding it under each eye for 3-5 minutes.


An everyday kitchen utensil has just become one of your beauty essentials. Simply run two spoons under cold water for a minute, and then place the bowl of the spoon over your eyelids for 30-60 seconds. The sharp coldness of the metal will lower the puffiness around the eye, and you may feel a burst of energy from the jolt of coldness.

Tea Bags

Using tea bags to eliminate under eye puffiness and dark circles is an age-old trick, but have you actually ever tried it?  It really does work wonders.  Run two tea bags under warm water, and then chill the tea bags in the refrigerator for several minutes. Once the tea bags have chilled, place a tea bag on each eye for five minutes. This easy trick will help you feel fresh and ready for the day. 

In reality, sleep is the best remedy for under eye bags, but who has time for that? Be sure to take care of yourself and enjoy the last month of the school year!