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27 Things You Know All Too Well if You Grew up in Toronto

When those views from the 6ix are your everyday sights….

Maybe I’m biased having grown up here, but this city is one-of-a-kind in the best way possible. From the bustle of the streets, to the beautiful skyline, Toronto has a lot to offer. Due to the endless possibilities and amazing culture, more and more people are moving here. But, there are ways to decipher a real Torontonian. Check out this list to find out if you fit the bill!


1.Someone you know grew up with Drake


2. The TTC is never on time

3. It’s pronounced TOR-AW-NO

4. Living here your entire life and only going up the CN Tower 2 or 3 times


And yes, there is a restaurant that spins. And you can see Rochester from the lookout.

5. Wanting to do the EdgeWalk, but chickening out

6. Our street meat is top notch

It’s incomparable to any other city. I’m looking at you, New York.

7. The Guvernment being shut down was tragic, and made you reminisce on your high school days

* Often referred to as “Guv” *

8. Going to Tequila Jacks when you were in high school made you feel like a bada**

9. Rolling your eyes when someone from the GTA says they’re from “Toronto”

Ahem, Markham…

10. Tourists go to the Eaton Centre, but you know that Yorkdale is the superior mall

Hello, Holt Renfrew!? Nordstrom!?? Need we say more?

11. Elementary school field trips consisted of visits to The ROM and The Science Centre

12. The less exciting field trips consisted of visiting the AGO

13. You rode the subway by yourself at 12 years old like it was nothing

14. Bloor – Yonge Station equals CHAOS

15. Those pre-games that take place on the Subway when you’re running late

And trying to be as nonchalant and discreet as possible. (It never works)

16. The stares you get on the Subway during these pre-games, when the whole squad is lit on the train

17. Nuit Blanche was never about the art. It was about having an excuse to walk aimlessly around downtown Toronto drinking alcohol with your friends

18. The 401. Need I say more?

Fact: Toronto traffic congestion is 2nd worst in Canada, and 8th worst in North America. credit: http://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/trafficindex/list

19. You know at least one person who’s been on Degrassi

20. You’ve walked past Suits being filmed and wondered if you’ve ever ended up in the background

21. When non-Torontonians visit and post to social media that they are in “The 6ix”


Come on, it’s getting old. Peasants.

22. Jaywalking is a way of life

Either you jaywalk, or you’re never getting anywhere. Make your pick.

23. Summers consist of Toronto’s favorite rooftop patio - The Porch Toronto

There’s nothing better than perfect views of the CN Tower and drinking out of sandbox buckets! (sand not included, only alcohol)

24. When Suicide Squad was filming and you couldn’t get anywhere

25. The Leafs will always be a disappointment

26. But hey, at least the Blue Jays have been doing well recently

27. Last but not least, knowing that your city is the best place in the world and you’re glad you get to call it home.

If you can sympathize with this list, it’s probably safe to say you’re from Toronto!



Rachel Elysha B

Wilfrid Laurier '17

Rachel is just your average Canadian, who's passionate about all things legal when it comes to American politics and how the US and Canada intersect. As well, a self proclaimed yoga enthusiast, fashion consumed and pop culture junkie. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can probably catch her at the mall, reading up about the latest in the world of globalism and government, and watching beauty tutorials on YouTube 
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