20 Life Lessons the Gilmore Girls Series Taught Us

Gilmore Girls is one of those series you watch while growing up and many young girls aspire to be just like Rory - a beautiful, sweet, smart, fierce, and driven young woman. With the revival series coming out this Friday, what better way to honour this amazing series than by capturing the greatest life lessons Rory, Lorelai, Emily Gilmore, and the rest of the cast of Stars Hollow have taught us. Whether it was about life, love, boys, or chasing your dreams every young girl growing up in the early 2000’s could learn a thing or two from these fantastic characters. 

1.Your best friends will always be there to celebrate your successes and help you get through the lows.

2. Take a chance, take a risk, be fearless. As corny as it is to say, life is too short to waste away.

3. Never be afraid to say what you feel.

4. Making critical life decisions is going to be tough and you don’t need to know the answers right away. You’re allowed to change your mind because one day you’ll want to look back at all you’ve accomplished, like Paris.

5. Embrace the people in your life who make you the happiest; they will leave the most beautiful footprints on your heart and the greatest memories.

6. You will never be too old to need your mom.

7. Wallow. Always wallow. You’re allowed to not be strong every second of the day and sometimes a good cry can really start to help you feel better.

8. Coffee is a necessity.

9. Cherish your grandparents, they will teach you some of the most important lessons and will always support you.

10. Be confident!

11. Brains over beauty isn’t a bad thing.

12. Date a bad boy.

13. Whether it’s Al’s Pancake World, Luke’s Diner, Joe’s Pizza, or pop tarts, food will always be the most comforting thing when you’re feeling down.

14. Your mom will forever be the greatest best friend a girl could ever have. No one loves you as much as her and she will always put you first.

15. Monday’s always suck.

16. Sometimes you just have to have a drink or two before noon.

17. Going through bad break ups is a part of life.

18. Sometimes the one is right in front of you even if all he wears are backwards baseball caps and plaid shirts.

19. Follow what you’re passionate about even if you don’t have the support you should, your happiness is what matters at the end of the day because it’s your life.

20. Your dreams are attainable as long as you work hard and never give up.

If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls I highly suggest binge watching this series before the revival comes out. I can guarantee you will fall in love with the characters and wish that you lived in the town of Stars Hollow.